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Weight Loss Surgery in India Gives New Life to Obese Twins

Successful Weight Loss Surgery in India for the twins Thirteen year old Alexander*, suffered the worst moment of his life a few months ago, at his school in his home country. Alexander* was 5 foot one inch, weighing  202 Kgs, was trying to get off the chair after a class, when a few students had to offer to remove the bench, so that he can get an easy exit. Although the students were not being nasty to Alexander*, yet he almost broke down into tears, ashamed of his extreme obesity. Alexander’s* only companion has been his 10 year old sister, who was not far behind Alexander*and weighed 155 kgs. She also suffered jibes, and showed symptoms of the similar ailment what Alexander* suffered from, Type II diabetes, increasing blood pressure and severe sleep apnoea. The brother –sister duo underwent weight loss surgery in India at a state-of-the art hospital facility in Mumbai, associated with IndiCure and are happy to have reduced 7 kgs after the surgery.  Their parents were s

Weight loss surgery in India helps foreigner conceive a child

Successful Weight loss surgery in India helps foreigner conceive a child  Aderelina*had been trying for pregnancy for over 12 years, but at the age of 39 and weighing 151 kg, in spite of putting in all efforts,  she could not conceive a child. Finally she underwent bariatric surgery and now she is a mother of a child. After having failed to conceive naturally, Aderelina* decided to change her gynecologist and met an In vitro fertilization expert in India. She underwent three IVF treatment cycles but again her weight became a hindrance in her getting pregnant. Even worse, she had gained 30 kg more because of steroids she had been taking during her IVF treatment.  She also started having  high blood pressure, suffered from diabetes, slip disc and  rheumatoid arthritis. On doctor’s advice, Aderelina*  finally decided to undergo bariatric surgery in India. Post her surgery, Aderelina*  lost her weight dramatically. She lost 51 kg within four months’ time. Her messed up menst

Choosing Between Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Banding

Choose between Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Banding There are many variations of weight loss surgery that sometimes make us wonder as to which weight loss surgery is right for me? Recent Studies have shown a 10% drop in gastric band procedures as it has been found to be less effective in the long run. Sleeve gastrectomy on the other hand is gaining more popularity as it is safer and more effective in reducing weight as compared with gastric banding or gastric bypass. However, the flip side of opting sleeve gastrectomy is that it is an irreversible procedure whereas  gastric banding is both adjustable and reversible. Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy Vs laparoscopic gastric banding – A comparison  Variable Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy Lap Gastric Banding 1. Mechanism of Action Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy - A lap gastric sleeve surgery or vertical sleeve gastrectomy works by removing a large part of stomach along with a hunger producing hormone, called

Kidney Transplant - The ins and outs of living kidney donation

Kidney Transplant - The ins and outs of living kidney donation  Kidney disease warranting transplant Because of the huge gap between people needing kidney transplants and the cadaveric donors living kidney donation gives the answer. Living kidney transplant is safe and does not harm the life span or the quality of life of the donor. The donor can lead a normal life as before the transplant. Here are a few details about the living kidney donation.  Who can be a kidney Donor for transplant in India Living kidney donors typically range in the age of 18 to 70, should be in good health and should have normal functioning kidneys. If you are suffering from disease or illness such as diabetes, or certain type of cancers, infectious diseases as hepatitis and AIDS, you would not be allowed to donate kidney. Your health after Kidney donation If you meet the donor criteria, donating one kidney does not pose any major risk to your health. Studies over the years have show

Facial Implants in India

Affordable Facial Implants in India Facial plastic surgery has become a buzzword these days. Every now and then we hear about people undergoing either a facelift or rhinoplasty or any other  facial plastic surgery . Facial implant surgery is also one of the rapidly increasing forms of face plastic surgeries. Facial Implants What are Facial Implants? Facial implants are biocompatible materials that are available in a wide range of sizes and styles for chin, jaw, nose and cheek. Facial implants enhance certain facial features which restore contour and proportion to the face. The accurate type and size of the implants best suited for an individual depends upon the expectations of the patient and surgeon’s judgment. Individuals who are having small chin, weak jaw or lack of facial contour and want to get these corrected, a facial implant surgery can be of great help. The most commonly used implants are: Ø   Jaw implants – Jaw Implants increase the width of l

Advancements in Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney Transplant in India Kidney failure is a life-threatening condition faced each year by a growing number of people across the world. When the kidney disease reaches the end stage, commonly known as the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), the only options left are either dialysis or a kidney transplant. Because the prevalence of CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease is increasing dramatically, demand for kidney transplants is considerably higher than any other organ. There are currently 117,850 people waiting for lifesaving organ transplants in the U.S. Of these, 95,903 await kidney transplants. Last year, 16,812 kidney transplants took place in the U.S. Of these, 11,043 kidney transplants came from deceased donors and 5,769 came from living donors. In a country like United States, where the awareness is very high and there are huge number of cadaveric kidney transplants happen, more than 80,000 people still await kidney transplant and last year, 4,903 patients died while wa

Is it Safe to Run a Marathon After Knee Replacement?

Is it safe to run a marathon after a knee replacement? You underwent a successful knee replacement and now all the pain you had before the surgery has gone. You are beginning a new innings in life after the surgery. But keep wondering what activities you should indulge into and what should you refrain from. Marathon after Knee Replacement Surgery Many of patients had been running marathons before their knee problem have this question on the top of their mind- Would I be able to run a marathon after knee replacement? Is it sae to run a marathon after my knee replacement surgery? Various surveys of orthopaedic surgeons show that high impact sports such as jogging, basketball, football and soccer typically aren’t recommended for those with a replaced knee or hip joint. This is because of the fact that when you walk, the force transmitted to the hip joint is about twice your body weight and while running, the peak force to the hip joint is around five times the body weight. I