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Is it Safe to Run a Marathon After Knee Replacement?

Is it safe to run a marathon after a knee replacement?

You underwent a successful knee replacement and now all the pain you had before the surgery has gone. You are beginning a new innings in life after the surgery. But keep wondering what activities you should indulge into and what should you refrain from.
Marathon after knee replacement in India
Marathon after Knee Replacement Surgery
Many of patients had been running marathons before their knee problem have this question on the top of their mind- Would I be able to run a marathon after knee replacement? Is it sae to run a marathon after my knee replacement surgery?
Various surveys of orthopaedic surgeons show that high impact sports such as jogging, basketball, football and soccer typically aren’t recommended for those with a replaced knee or hip joint. This is because of the fact that when you walk, the force transmitted to the hip joint is about twice your body weight and while running, the peak force to the hip joint is around five times the body weight. It is even higher at the knee joint.
Artificial joints, though are sturdy and are made to stand some force, but the more force you apply to the artificial joint, more likely it is that problems may arise. The problems could be breakage, loosening, instability or excessive wear and tear of the implant, which could lead to revision surgery of the joint.
The surgeons also say that most people get the knee and hip replacement surgery done to relieve themselves of pain and once you have achieved that, it is difficult to justify the risk of participating in high impact activities which can lead to problem with the joint.
The surgeons advise that activities like dancing, swimming, golf, walking and cycling can be enjoyed without any restrictions. However, the research is yet to prove how risky is it to jog on a replaced knee.
At the same time, the surgeons also say that it’s not completely out of the question for someone with a background in a sport such as running to attempt to get back into the sport on a limited basis after joint replacement. But in general, marathon running isn’t recommended after knee replacement.

If you are keen on doing high impact sports after a knee or hip replacement surgery, talk to your surgeon about potential risks before resuming any high impact activities. The risks related to the surgery may vary depending on the type of implant you have or other factors that may lead to wear and tear or mechanical failure of your replaced joint. Your surgeon may advise extensive physical therapy to develop hip, knee, back and core strength — as well as appropriate sport- specific training so as to make it possible for you to run a marathon or indulge in high impact sports after a knee replacement or a hip replacement surgery.
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