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Plastic Surgery in India - Why India Over Other Countries?

Plastic Surgery in India

You keep reading so many stories about people travelling to India for medical treatment and plastic surgery and keep wondering Why Plastic surgery in India? What are the advantages of getting plastic surgery in India than in your country?

The advantages of getting plastic surgery in India are numerous and we have listed a few of them:

Low Cost: The cost of plastic surgery in India is much less as compared to the cost of plastic surgery in UK, USA, Australia or any other Western country. The cost of various plastic surgery procedures is as low as a third or fourth of what you pay locally. You thus save on a lot of cost by getting plastic surgery in India.

Highly Skilled surgeons: The surgeons in India are known for their skills and expertise all over the world. India has provided a large number of surgeons and doctors to US, UK and various other countries across the world. The plastic surgeons in India are highly experienced and have the experience of studying and practising at best medical schools in the world. Many of them are members of American Society of Plastic surgeons.

Privacy: You do not want to announce it to the world that you just got your boobs done or had a facelift. Recovery at home means revealing your surgery to your friends and relatives. Recovery abroad not only keeps your procedure under wraps, it is also stress free as you do not have to worry about many things.

Excellent Facilities- The plastic surgery clinics and hospitals in India offer the latest and most advanced technology and personalized services.

Language: English is the second official language in India and all doctors, nurses and staff at the hospital speak fluent English. It is very important to have the same language of communication for the surgeon to understand your expectations from the surgery well, which you get in India.

!ncredible !ndia- India is a unique country known for its culture and rich heritage. People from across the world have a fascination to see this unique country and find it a great advantage to combine their visit to India with their makeover surgery.

It is however, very important to choose the right provider for your successful plastic surgery in India. Not only a good provider would help you choose the right surgeon and hospital for your procedure, but would make the entire process completely hassle free and smooth for you.

Why IndiCure for your plastic surgery in India?

IndiCure is the leading and most renowned name for providing plastic surgery in India. With hundreds of happy clients from over 30 countries, IndiCure understands your requirements and expectations well.
Here are few reasons for you to choose IndiCure for you cosmetic surgery in India:

·         The leading name for providing Cosmetic Surgery Holidays in India

·         Served hundreds of patients from various countries

·         Special Discounted cosmetic surgery prices

·         Complete solution for accommodation, travel and other ancillary services

·         Visa assistance and Travel Planning

·         Prompt services

·         Round the clock assistance

·         Free  consultation with cosmetic surgeons in India via e-mail, telephone and    videoconferencing

·         Board Certified Best cosmetic surgeons in India on panel

·         Affiliate cosmetic surgery clinics in India fully equipped with 0 MRSA rate.

·         English speaking staff

·         1-4 days of stay at the plastic surgery clinics/ hospitals included in the package

·         All inclusive cosmetic surgery packages- airport transfers, medicines, post-operative check-ups and consultations

·         No hidden costs

·         No waiting time

For more information on your plastic surgery in India, write to us at or call us at +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777.