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Weight Loss Surgery in India Gives New Life to Obese Twins

Successful Weight Loss Surgery in India for the twins

Thirteen year old Alexander*, suffered the worst moment of his life a few months ago, at his school in his home country. Alexander* was 5 foot one inch, weighing  202 Kgs, was trying to get off the chair after a class, when a few students had to offer to remove the bench, so that he can get an easy exit. Although the students were not being nasty to Alexander*, yet he almost broke down into tears, ashamed of his extreme obesity.

Alexander’s* only companion has been his 10 year old sister, who was not far behind Alexander*and weighed 155 kgs. She also suffered jibes, and showed symptoms of the similar ailment what Alexander* suffered from, Type II diabetes, increasing blood pressure and severe sleep apnoea.

The brother –sister duo underwent weight loss surgery in India at a state-of-the art hospital facility in Mumbai, associated with IndiCure and are happy to have reduced 7 kgs after the surgery.  Their parents were so thankful to doctors who said, the duo hadn’t been seen laughing so much all through these years and they kept thanking the doctors in India for it. The doctors said the kids were expected to reduce another 20 Kgs after one month and 100 kgs  after six months.

Treating kids was a challenge for the doctors

Treating Alexander* and his sister was no less than a challenge for the doctors who said the two children were among the most obese children who underwent weight loss surgery in India at their hospital.

Dr Ramen Goel, who is one of the best surgeons in India, took charge of the two surgeries, said it was a challenge treating the two children with such a marked obesity. The team of doctors first ruled out lap band surgery which involves use of gastric banding to bisect and shrink the stomach. They instead chose gastric sleeve surgery which entails removal of a part of the stomach.

In gastrectomy, a large part of stomach is reduced to about 25% of its original size and the open edges are attached to form a sleeve or a banana shaped tube. Performed laparoscopically, the surgery permanently reduces the size of the stomach and works through two effective weight loss mechanisms. One, through restrictive mechanism which means, when stomach is made smaller, the patient feels fuller soon after eating the food and thus consumes lesser food. The other mechanism is hormonal mechanism in which the hunger hormone, ghrelin, which is secreted by the fundus part of the stomach, is removed. With removal of ghrelin, the hunger pangs are drastically reduced and this makes one feel less hungry. The two mechanisms thus together lead to effective weight loss.

Dr Abhishekh Kulkarni, a senior endocrinologist in india, said that the two suffered from a hereditary disease called monogenic genetic disorder, which may be caused by a single defective gene. Dr Ketan Parikh, a senior paediatric surgeon in india also examined the siblings and said that  the body mass index of the kids was in 60s, and if BMI reaches 40, the condition is termed as morbid obesity. Alexander’s*parents said that  the two kids were born normal but they started gaining huge amounts of weight since they were three months old. Now with their successful weight loss surgery in india, she hoped that now her kids would be able to enjoy their life as other normal people do. They further remarked that cost of bariatric surgery in india is much cheaper than USA, where it costs 10 times the cost of the surgery in India.

* (name changed for sake of confidentiality)

Bariatric surgery in India is alike a boon for people with morbid obesity and limited means. A large number of people from across the world are coming to India to get weight loss surgery done by the expert Indian bariatric surgeons.

IndiCure is one of the most trusted names for providing weight loss surgery in India. The company associates with few of the best bariatric surgeons in India at specialized hospitals in India.

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