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Mini Gastric Bypass in India – Effective & Low Cost Option

Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) in India  Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a simple, low risk procedure having excellent long term results. And since it’s done Laparoscopically, it induces minimal pain and can be easily reversed or revised. There is however lack of long term research to show mini gastric bypass as the most favoured option to treat morbid obesity. How does it work mini gastric bypass work? The procedure involves making the stomach into a long narrow tube along its right border, which is of smaller curvature and is then connected down to the small intestine. This loop reconstruction works safer when placed close to esophagus. Is mini gastric bypass right for you? From above, it may sound that mini gastric bypass may be the undisputed choice among the procedures employed for weight loss, but that is not the case. Your surgeon needs to evaluate you before deciding your candidacy for the surgery. How much weight loss can you expect with mini gastric by

Weight Loss Surgery in India – A Review by Our Guest from UK

Life changing success story of Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery abroad in India  Caroline* had been living with those extraaaaa pounds on her and also had associated condition of diabetes. She got frustrated in her home land with the long waiting lists and the prohibitive cost of surgery at private clinics. This is when she came to know about IndiCure from a friend of hers, who had also been IndiCure’s guest for getting her plastic surgery in India.  Its on her insistence and recommendations that  Caroline* decided to come to India for her weight loss surgery. After a successful surgery done by one of the most renowned bariatric surgeons in India associated with IndiCure, listen to her speak about her experiences of having weight loss (bariatric) surgery in India with IndiCure. “I decided to come to India for surgery, I contacted IndiCure..very wonderful lady called Ruchika helped me though the entire procedure. They were there for the entire procedure right from the b

Endoscopic weight loss (bariatric) surgery in India – when to consider?

Endoscopic weight loss (bariatric) surgery in India Morbid obesity is not only a medical condition in itself, but it is also a risk factor for inducing other conditions, some of which may ultimately turn fatal. So, a weight loss surgery done at right time may add many years to life or add a lot of life to years. Some long term studies across the world have shown that weight loss surgery has the capability of causing appreciable long-term weight loss, improvement in diabetes, factors that bring cardiovascular risk, mortality rate reduction of 23% from 40% in case of morbid obesity. You can consider yourself a good candidate for a weight loss surgery in India, if  1.        Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is more than 40 kg/sqm OR           More than 30 kg/sqm, if you have some serious medical conditions associated with it, like diabetes 2.        Healthy lifestyle and efforts to lose weight naturally have failed 3.        YOU ARE ON A BUDGET 4.        You have 8

Multiple Cosmetic Surgery in India – Pros and Cons

Multiple Cosmetic Surgery in India Combining multiple plastic surgery procedures in one go offers many advantages in terms of total cost and achieving desired results on the body. Few studies have confirmed that there are no significant differences in morbidity or complications with multiple plastic surgeries as compared with undergoing single cosmetic surgery, but one must be aware of risks associated with it. Here are both pros and cons which one should consider before choosing to undergo multiple procedures for cosmetic surgery in India - Pros of combining multiple plastic surgery procedures: ·          Symmetrical body contours – While combining multiple cosmetic surgeries, a surgeon can give sculpted and more symmetrical body contours.For example combining a facelift with neck and brow lift, a surgeon tiresgiving a chiseled appearance. ·          Lower cost of procedures - Combining two or three procedures at the same time means one time anaesthesia and one t

Nigeria Lady's Delight After Mom’s Knee Replacement in India

Delighted lady after successful Knee replacement surgery in India Ms. Mambo* had been quite upset about the debilitating pain her mom was facing in her knee joints. The doctors in Nigeria had advised her mom a knee replacement surgery, and Ms. Mambo* was frantically looking for a good place to have her mom’s knee replacement abroad. She had almost decided to fly her mom to London, when her sister got to know about IndiCure in India from her search on the internet. But Ms. Mambo was very sceptical about India for its third world image, and was very sure that she would never compromise on the quality of treatment for saving any amount of money. However, with good faith and insistence by her sister, she contacted IndiCure with medical reports of her mom. Within a week, her mom’s line of treatment was finalized with one of the best orthopaedic surgeon in India, and the surgery was planned to be done at a JCI accredited super speciality hospital in India. Ms. Mambo’s scepticis

Facelift in India - Take the Years Off Your Face

Affordable Facelift  Prolonged exposure to sun, pollution and factors like smoking, genetics make the signs of ageing on your face look more prominent. Loosening of skin, wrinkles, furrows, weakening of the muscles of the neck, jowls and forehead are few signs which not only are more marked but also appear quite early because of these  factors. Lines of Loosening of skin Prolonged exposure to sun, pollution and factors like smoking, genetics make the signs of ageing on your face look more prominent. Loosening of skin, wrinkles, furrows, weakening of the muscles of the neck, jowls and forehead are few signs which not only are more marked but also appear quite early because of these  factors. Facelift is one procedure that efficiently turns the clock back on face by 10 – 15 years. Not very long ago, facelift was considered only for rich and famous. Today it has become one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures among people from all walks of life.

Knee replacement vs Arthroscopic Chondroplasty - What do you need?

Knee replacement vs Arthroscopic Chondroplasty  You are tired of your knee pain which has shown little improvement with medicines and physical therapy. You are too young for a knee replacement and are scared that a knee replacement during 40s would warrant another during 60s. Knee replacement is thus not the option you would like to undergo to alleviate your knee pain. Our expert orthopedic surgeons in India suggest that you may be a candidate for Knee Chondroplasty.  Chondroplasty is done to smooth the damaged cartilage in the knee to reduce the friction in the joint. The surgeon removes the damaged tissue so that the healthy cartilage will grow to replace it. Knee Chondroplasty Knee Chondroplasty does not need a long incision to expose the total knee joint. The procedure is done through arthroscopic surgery, which means tiny incisions are made through which very small tubes are inserted. These tubes are as wide as a pencil through which the surgeon sees inside the

India – Best Destination For Liver Transplant Abroad

Liver Transplantation In India – Best Destination For Liver Transplant Abroad Liver transplant abroad is sought by individuals who cannot undergo liver transplant in their home country either due to long waiting list or poor treatment facilities or because the surgery is highly expensive for them to afford in their home country. The phenomenon of traveling abroad has helped many people avail medical treatment abroad at reasonable costs. With latest techniques and highly experienced surgeons, Liver transplantation in India is available at select few state-of-the art hospitals in India. Liver transplant Surgery Liver transplant surgery is the procedure to replace the diseased or damaged liver with healthy one. It is done when liver has reached a stage where it cannot perform normal function and is likely to fail. Signs and Symptoms of Liver failure The common signs and symptoms of liver failure are: ·          Jaundice ·          Weaknes

Bariatric Surgery in India- A Relief for People Struggling with Diabetes

Bariatric Surgery in India for people struggling with Diabetes International Diabetic Foundation (IDF) in 2011 reported that around 366 million patients were diabetic all over the world and it had been estimated that the number will reach up to 552 million by 2030. According to The World Health Organization, diabetes is increasing in epidemic proportions and has become a matter of grave concern globally. Increased number of Obese suffer from Diabetes With diabetes, there is likelihood of associated illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, brain stroke, kidney failures etc. Although there are modern medications and lifestyle modifications to treat diabetes, yet in 70% of cases diabetes remains uncontrolled. Of Late, diabetes was considered as a lifetime disease without any possibility of remission or cure. Bariatric surgery in India has now brought a sigh of relief for the obese. The centre for metabolic surgery at a state-of-the art hospital in Mumbai

Advancements in Knee Replacement Techniques in India

 Advancements in Knee replacement techniques in India Jane Ferguson was now beginning to feel sidelined because of the constant pain in her knees. An active mother of two teenagers, who used to go trekking with her daughters, could not afford to join them because of the writhing pain.  Gardening which she loved, seemed like a thing of past. Knee replacement seemed like the only option to her. But with no insurance, knee replacement in United States was completely out of question. After having searched many options for knee replacement abroad and convinced about knee replacement in India as the best option, Jane zeroed down on getting the operation done in India. The surgeons were highly skilled and Board certified, the cost quite affordable and the hospitals JCI accredited. So, for her it was like getting operated in US itself except that this US was thousand miles away! Knee replacement in India has given her a new lease of life. Not only she now goes