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Bariatric Surgery in India- A Relief for People Struggling with Diabetes

Bariatric Surgery in India for people struggling with Diabetes

International Diabetic Foundation (IDF) in 2011 reported that around 366 million patients were diabetic all over the world and it had been estimated that the number will reach up to 552 million by 2030. According to The World Health Organization, diabetes is increasing in epidemic proportions and has become a matter of grave concern globally.

Increased number of Obese suffer from Diabetes

With diabetes, there is likelihood of associated illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, brain stroke, kidney failures etc. Although there are modern medications and lifestyle modifications to treat diabetes, yet in 70% of cases diabetes remains uncontrolled.

Of Late, diabetes was considered as a lifetime disease without any possibility of remission or cure. Bariatric surgery in India has now brought a sigh of relief for the obese. The centre for metabolic surgery at a state-of-the art hospital in Mumbai, India offers a new lease of life to people struggling with diabetes. Dr Ramen Goel, head of bariatric surgery at the hospital says that long term follow up studies have shown that after metabolic surgery, over 80% diabetic patients will be able to maintain their blood sugar even after 14 years after surgery. 

International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) have made it clear that metabolic surgery has a role to play for uncontrolled diabetic patients with a BMI of over 27.5 and 35 respectively.

A recent study has shown that bariatric surgery along with 12 months of medical therapy could achieve glycemic control in patients suffering from obesity and uncontrolled type 2 diabetes than medical therapy alone. Another study has shown that bariatric surgery controls better blood sugar than medical therapy in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. 

Bariatric surgery has many variations. The most common types of bariatric surgery are:

·         Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy  

 The surgery eliminates a major portion of stomach to leave a small portion of stomach which is tube shaped.  The surgery works through two highly efficient weight loss mechanisms. One, gastrectomy makes the stomach smaller which limits the food accepted by the stomach and two, by removing a hormone called ghrelin from fundus part of stomach which makes a person feel hungry. This makes a person feel less hungry and in turn leads to reduced calorie intake and efficient weight loss.

·        Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery 

Gastric bypass surgery also makes the stomach size smaller and digestive system shorter. The food is made to bypass a small portion of small intestine which results in lesser calorie absorption and effective weight loss.

Bariatric surgery in India brings new hopes for foreigners who are suffering from diabetes and have lesser means to avail costly bariatric surgery in their home country. IndiCure is the pioneering medical tourism company offering quality bariatric surgery in India at affordable prices.

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