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Multiple Cosmetic Surgery in India – Pros and Cons

Multiple Cosmetic Surgery in India

Combining multiple plastic surgery procedures in one go offers many advantages in terms of total cost and achieving desired results on the body. Few studies have confirmed that there are no significant differences in morbidity or complications with multiple plastic surgeries as compared with undergoing single cosmetic surgery, but one must be aware of risks associated with it.

Here are both pros and cons which one should consider before choosing to undergo multiple procedures for cosmetic surgery in India -

Pros of combining multiple plastic surgery procedures:

·         Symmetrical body contours– While combining multiple cosmetic surgeries, a surgeon can give sculpted and more symmetrical body contours.For example combining a facelift with neck and brow lift, a surgeon tiresgiving a chiseled appearance.
·         Lower cost of procedures - Combining two or three procedures at the same time means one time anaesthesia and one time hospital fee. These two go a long way in reducing the overall cost of the surgery.
·         Lower fare and accommodation cost – Only one trip for your cosmetic surgery in India will be required rather that coming again and again
·         Shorter hospital stay– Since the multiple procedures are done together in one go, the hospital stay and overall expenses are further reduced.
·         Earlier return to daily activities – One can expect to return back to work earlier than total time required if surgeries were done separately.

Cons of combining multiple plastic surgery procedures:

·         More strain on the immune system – Combining two or three plastic surgeries may put greater  strain on the immune system while recovering
·         Risks associated with general anaesthesia – Combining procedures increases surgery time and prolonged anaesthesia may have some cardio-vascular risks post-surgery
·         Longer duration for single trip – since the multiple surgeries will be combined, it will take longer for recuperation and getting ready to fly back

So a careful consideration should be given to the advantages and risks associated with combining plastic surgeries.We encourage you to clear all your doubts, small little queries discussed with your plastic surgeon in India before deciding to combine multiple procedures for your cosmetic surgery in India.

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