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Weight Loss Surgery in India – A Review by Our Guest from UK

Life changing success story of Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery abroad in India 

Caroline* had been living with those extraaaaa pounds on her and also had associated condition of diabetes. She got frustrated in her home land with the long waiting lists and the prohibitive cost of surgery at private clinics.

This is when she came to know about IndiCure from a friend of hers, who had also been IndiCure’s guest for getting her plastic surgery in India.  Its on her insistence and recommendations that  Caroline* decided to come to India for her weight loss surgery.

After a successful surgery done by one of the most renowned bariatric surgeons in India associated with IndiCure, listen to her speak about her experiences of having weight loss (bariatric) surgery in India with IndiCure.

“I decided to come to India for surgery, I contacted IndiCure..very wonderful lady called Ruchika helped me though the entire procedure. They were there for the entire procedure right from the beginning till the end, and helped me at all times, answered my mostly stupid questions and also reasonable questions and was helping me out. I have come here few days ago for the surgery. Hospital is very good; sister, doctors are very friendly, very helpful. I was never alone here, everyone is checking on you at all times..

The surgeon was good..they were introducing and trying to explain me the procedure beforehand, and then they were with me after that. Many people are here to check on you and take care of you, not stop

I would rate IndiCure 10 on 10. I had a very good experience.”

*Name changed to maintain confidentiality

If you wish to get rid of those extraaaaa pounds on you, plan for an affordable and safe weight loss (bariatric) surgery in India with IndiCure. You may fill in our Obesity Questionnaire or Write, Call at - +919818462127 or +919320036777, Skype at - indicure