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Bariatric Surgery in India has been life changing for me!

Life changing success story of Bariatric Surgery in India 

This lady from United States of America, had been struggling with morbid obesity, and without an insurance cover, getting the surgery done in USA was prohibitively costly for her. She was well read and was aware of the risks which come along with obesity, and wanted to get the bariatric (weight loss) surgery done as soon as possible.

She was bold and courageous enough to look for cheap surgery options abroad. This is when while searching the internet she came across IndiCure in India and sent a message for checking on cheap options and within a week’s time plans for her bariatric surgery in India was finalized.

After a successful weight loss surgery in India, this is what she has to say to IndiCure team -
I came to India for bariatric surgery. IndiCure was the group that contacted me, helped me find all right decisions, places to go, and choices of hotels, made the whole process extremely easy for me. My experience here was without any incidences and I can say that its life changing and I am so grateful to both IndiCure, India and Nova Speciality Surgery.

A bariatric surgery in India not only fights obesity, but also the high costs of surgery in US, UK for those who lack insurance cover. To plan bariatric (weight loss surgery) in India, fill in our inquiry form, write at –, Call at - +91 93200 36777, +91 98184 62127, Skype at - Indicure