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Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift Combined Surgery for Great Makeover

A hot trend these days is to combine multiple plastic surgeries to get significant aesthetic changes through a cost effective single operation. With newer techniques and advances in technology, safer anesthetic procedures, it has now become much safer to combine your dream cosmetic surgeries.

Tummy tuck along with breast lift surgeries is one such hot and happening trend, especially by young mother, who develop looseness of skin on tummy and breasts. The two plastic surgery esthetically and medically work very well together to give body a shapely figure by uplifting loose hanging skin on breasts and making the tummy taut.The two procedures together form one of the popular mommy makeover plastic surgery procedures.

Both the procedures can be performed together under general anesthesia. For tummy tuck, a horizontal cut is made across the lower abdomen, muscles and skin are separated and fat is removed by liposuction. For breast lift, excess skin is removed from around the areola and bottom of breasts. If volume is to be added to the breasts, implants are placed to give a youthful contour.

These surgeries when combined like above will require an intense recovery following the procedure. You will need to be in India for two weeks including the stay at the hospital before you fly back to your home and will cost you somewhere between USD 5,000 to USD 5,500/- , which may a quarter of what you would pay for these procedures in US or UK.

You may plan you your trip for Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift in India with the most reputed medical travel partner. You may place an inquiry and request a free quote by submitting information on below links.

Pictures of your target areas (taken from front and sides) will help us give you a closer estimate to the actual costs, which will get ascertained once the surgeon evaluates you physically and clinically.