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Best Time to Have Tummy Tuck

Do I have to lose weight to get a tummy tuck? What is the ideal weight for tummy tuck surgery? Can I combine my C-section with tummy tuck? What is the best time to have tummy tuck?

If you also have these questions in mind, read to know the answers to your questions. 

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, popularly known as tummy tuck, is the most popular surgery among women after pregnancy and childbirth.  

Tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen to give a flat, taut stomach. It dramatically reduces the appearance of a bulging tummy to give women a nice curvy shape. 

When is the Right Time to have the Tummy Tuck?

The results and longevity of tummy tuck results depend to a great extent on the timing of the procedure.  

Here are a few important things to keep in mind if you plan to get the tummy tuck done:

  • You should be close to your ideal weight - You get best result from tummy tuck when you are close to your ideal weight. If you are overweight by more than 10-15 kg, the chances are that you would not get the best results from the surgery.
  • You should have a stable weight- Experts say that for best and long lasting tummy tuck results, you should have stable weight for last six months at least and you should keep your weight stable after the surgery. Excessive weight gain or loss can adversely affect the results.
  • Pregnancy - Ladies who are planning to have more babies in the future should wait till they are done with child bearing, unless they are too keen to get the surgery and are willing to have a redo tummy tuck later. Pregnancy causes weight gain and excessive stretching of the abdominal muscles, which can affect the results. 

Best Season to Undergo Tummy tuck

If you are thinking which the best season to undergo tummy tuck is, experts all over the world agree that winter and fall are the best times when you should undergo the surgery.

These are the reasons why:
  • Recovery is easy: Since recovery after tummy tuck takes time and you need to wear the corset and dressings, they can be easily be hidden inside the layers of clothing in the winter. Even if you wish to stay indoors, winter makes a better choice.
  •  Combine your surgery with a holiday- You can combine your surgery with a holiday to an exotic destination. Of course, the days after the surgery are meant for peaceful recuperation, but a few days before the surgery can be enjoyed at a tourist place where surgery and holiday don’t dig deep into your pocket.
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  •  Gift a Tummy tuck to your loved one- You can gift a tummy tuck to your dear wife, which is quite trending these days. Your wife would love to have a makeover surgery and get her figure back as a Christmas gift.

Questions on Tummy tuck after C-section, weight loss, recovery, diet, ideal weight

Women have various questions about the tummy tuck, recovery and the best timing for the plastic surgery. We have listed a few of the most commonly asked questions and their answers about the timing for tummy tuck.

 I am going to get married in few months and wish to have a flat tummy, when should I have tummy tuck?

If you are young have not had babies yet, chances are that you would do well with liposuction alone. Tummy tuck is more often required by women who have loose skin with overhang and loose abdominal muscles that need to be tightened.  

I have just delivered a baby, how soon can I undergo tummy tuck surgery?  

Your body has already undergone a lot of stress. Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty is a major surgery and you would not be able to lift your baby for few weeks after the surgery. It is best to wait for 10-12 months after the delivery before you plan to have tummy tuck.  

Can I have a c-section and tummy tuck the same time?

Experts say that c-section and tummy tuck should not be combined. Tummy tuck is a long surgery and would be done under general anaesthesia and delivering a baby under general anaesthesia is not a good idea. You won’t be able to nurse and take care of your baby for many days. It is thus best to wait to get the tummy tuck for a year till your baby is a little grown up and you can have your own time for recovery after the surgery.

I do not plan to have a baby for next five- six years; can I undergo the surgery now?

You can definitely have tummy tuck now, but your results from the surgery may get affected during pregnancy and delivery.  So, either wait till you finish your family for the long lasting results or be prepared to have a tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck again for the same shape.

 I am planning to go for beach vacation next summer, when should I get the tummy tuck?

If you are planning to have a beach vacation during summer and you wish to look your best, the best time to schedule the surgery is during starting of the year. This would not only give you enough time to heal, but you can also cover your swelling and other signs of surgery under layers of clothes during winter.

By the time summer time arrives, your incisions would have softened and healed well. You would then be ready to show your new appearance on the beach!!!

Affordable Tummy tuck in India

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