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Is It Safe to Get Plastic Surgery in India?

Is It Safe to Get Plastic Surgery in India?

is it safe to get plastic surgery in India?

The first question that comes to the mind when you think of travelling to India for a plastic surgery procedure (particularly if you are staying in West) is whether or not “Is it Safe to get Plastic Surgery in India?”

Of course, there are various advantages of getting the surgery closer home, and you would want to weigh how much you would save when you choose plastic surgery in India and the pros and cons of it.

We thus sat down with few of our clients after they underwent the surgery (and recovered enough) and asked them what their concerns were before they decided, how were those concerns allayed and how do they feel after they have had their plastic surgery in India with IndiCure.

The following are the highlights of the interview we took from few of our clients, mostly from Western countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand citizens) to know and understand their stories of travelling to India for their cosmetic surgery. 

  •  Is it safe to undergo plastic surgery in India?

Concern- The most important concern was about safety - whether it is safe. We probed them further and they revealed they were worried about how would they reach the hotel/ hospital, would they feel safe and comfortable at the hospital and would it be safe to travel alone (especially women).

How was it allayed- After the case managers answered all their specific questions to their satisfaction, after they knew that they would be picked at the airport, knowing about the accreditation of the hospital and that many people from their country had travelled to India for their surgery, they felt better.  After they had spoken with IndiCure’s previous clients, they were assured about their safety.

How they felt on reaching India/ after their surgery- They were received at the airport, had their accommodation pre-booked, the surgeon listened to them patiently, thorough investigations were performed, nurses and doctors looked after them very well and they felt that traveling to India for the surgery was worth it. None of them repented the decision of getting their cosmetic surgery in India. 

  • What if something goes wrong?

Concern - The next biggest concern was what if something goes wrong? They would be in a foreign country miles away from home with no one to help.

How was it allayed- After their case manager outlined the possible complications that could happen and what would be done to avoid them, they felt assured. Also the fact that they would remain under medical supervision for 2-3 days at the hospital after the surgery and follow ups with the surgeon would happen while they are in India reassured them. Also that IndiCure would there to handhold them all along came as a big reassurance.

How they felt on reaching India/ after their surgery- Special precautions were taken before, during and after the surgery keeping in view they had limited time in India and that they have to fly long hauls after their cosmetic surgery procedure. They felt safe and well taken care of. Since the treating surgeon saw them at least twice during their 10 days stay in India, any minor problems like fluid aspirations or like were well taken care of. 

  •   What about the follow up care?

Concern- How would the follow up happen? What if help is needed with post op care after returning home?

How was it allayed- An advise to stay for few days in India for initial recovery and to make sure things are on right track made good sense. Assurance that at least two follow up meetings with the treating surgeon be done also made them comfortable. The assurance that case manager and the surgeons were just a phone call or an e-mail away made them comfortable. They were also willing to coordinate with a local doctor in case required, put their mind to complete rest.

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  • How good are the hospitals in India?

Concern- Quality of care at the hospital, bugs, chances of acquiring infection were important concerns among many patients.  They are used to a certain standard of care and did not wanted to compromise on the quality of care or services for the sake of money.

How was it allayed- Specific and to the point information provided by IndiCure about the infection rate, certification and accreditation of the hospitals and the pictures of the facility made them feel comfortable. Again talking to someone who had been there and underwent the surgery allayed their concern completely.

How they felt on reaching India/ after their surgery- The hospital was spotlessly clean, the nurses very caring and the doctors very patient. Many of them even went on to say that they had not seen such services or felt so important ever when they underwent any surgery in their home country.

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  •        Are Plastic Surgeons in India well qualified? 

Concern- Is the surgeon qualified enough? Has he performed many such procedures? How do I make sure I would be comfortable with him? I do not wish to make a wrong choice because surgeon is very important. 

How was it allayed- IndiCure shared the detailed profile of the surgeon along with the links where this could be verified. They also shared complete details on the number of procedure the surgeon has performed. The replies and the way complete medical information was taken without the hurry to sign the client made them completely at ease. About being comfortable with the surgeon, a telephonic conference or even a video conference was arranged with the treating surgeon.

How they felt on reaching India/ after their surgery- The surgeon listened to them very patiently and was very thorough with everything. He knew his stuff well and made them feel comfortable. Many women even said that they had fallen in love with the treating surgeon.

  • Is it really cheap considering flight and accommodation costs? 

Concern- The cost of plastic surgery in India seemed definitely much less. But flight, accommodation and stay post discharge are not included? Would the total cost make it really cheap?

How was it allayed- The case manager helped with the hotels close to the hospital with the tariff, also helped with all other expenditure they could expect which helped them make an informed decision. 

  • Why is the cost of Plastic Surgery in India so less? Is there a catch?

Concern- The clients were confused as to why the cost is so less, if everything else sounds so good. They were concerned if they had complete information about the cost or would they be greeted with surprises on reaching India

How was it allayed - We explained why there is a huge cost difference. The cost is less because of low cost of endowment and because of exchange rate differences - 1 USD=65 INR, 1 GBP= 90 INR and thus there is huge cost difference.  They were clearly explained about the inclusions, exclusions and what could be possible extra expenditures.

How they felt on reaching India/ after their surgery- They were pleasantly surprised to know many things were included in the cost and there were no surprises except when the doctor advised extra procedures or investigations than had been decided.

  •     Would language be a barrier for communication and a problem?

Concern - They didn’t speak the local language of India. Would communication be a problem with the surgeons and the hospital staff? Which language would the medical notes be in?

How was it allayed -They spoke with case manager, who spoke fluent English and also informed that English is the second official language of the country. The surgeon also had good command over the language.  The communication was very professionally handled and left little scope for any doubt.

How they felt on reaching India/ after their surgery- All the doctors and nurses spoke English. Only the support staff like cleaners could not speak English well, but they could understand English and did their job very well. 

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