Want Large Volume Liposuction? Get Plastic Surgery in India

 Large Volume Liposuction? Think India!

If you are among those who are considering to go under the knife for large volume liposuction, but are skeptical about the results and efficacy of the procedure, this post tries to help you frame your own questions and seek their solutions. Though with modern technology and highly advanced equipment, large volume liposuction is now no more left a difficult task, but you should educate yourself adequately to understand the science and technology that will make the surgery happen, its benefits and possible risks which come along with it.

Before knowing about different liposuction procedures, one needs to understand the term - “large volume liposuction”. The term, “large volume liposuction” is an arbitrary term used in plastic surgery literature. Most plastic surgeons refer to more than 5 L of total volume removal (fat plus wetting solution) from patient as large volume liposuction.

With removal of fat, there is removal of blood and body fluids also which might raise few complications associated with the procedure. In order to minimize the complications arising out of large volume liposuction, surgeons must adhere to some safety measures, to name a few:

1.      The plastic surgeon performing the surgery should be highly trained and experienced in performing the surgery and should know about all the physiological changes taking place while doing liposuction on the patient.
2.      The anesthesiologist should also be trained enough to understand the physiology of infusion and removal of large volume fluids.
3.      The hospital staff taking care of the patient should also be well aware of the procedure and the duration of recovery of the patient.
4.      The hospital facility must be equipped with the latest technology required for performing large volume liposuction.
5.      Patient’s candidacy should be checked prior to selecting him for the procedure.

Why you must Think Large volume Liposuction in India when considering about the surgery

India is one of the most sought after destinations offering quality plastic surgery at highly affordable prices. The newly evolved liposuction techniques are available at prices much cheaper than what is being offered in other countries for the same procedure.

Some of the popularly done liposuction procedures in India are:

·         Tumescent Liposuction– It provides local anesthesia for carrying out liposuction. This technique eliminates need for general anesthesia and intravenous sedatives while minimizing blood loss.
·         Ultra sound assisted liposuction (UAL) – UAL uses high frequency sound waves that liquefy fat before performing gentle liposuction. UAL helps in easy removal of unwanted fat.
·         Vaser liposuction–Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance is a tissue selective targeting fat procedure that protects other tissues from damage. The procedure involves delivering of energy through a specially designed probe.
·         Body jet Liposuction – Body Jet liposuction uses a jet of water to remove fat from the body while sparing nerves, blood vessels and soft tissue. This procedure offers minimal risk, lesser discomfort and quick recovery time.

IndiCure offers large volume Liposuction at best hospitals in India

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