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Fat Transfer to Face in India – Restore Youthfulness

Fat transfer to face 

As we age, we tend to lose volume especially from mid-face and cheek areas. The face looks gaunt due to loss of bone density, collagen and fat. Some of the tell tale signs of aging are – sagging skin, appearance of jowls and folds and loss of roundness of face.

To reverse the signs of aging and volumize one’s face, fat transfer to face in India is an effective option. The technique uses body’s own fat harvested from different body areas where it is unwanted such as abdomen, thighs and transferred to face. The technique helps restore youthful skin and rejuvenates face by taking years off from your face.

Face fat transfer in India is also used as an alternative to fillers and chin implants. The implants although considered safe, have their downsides. The fat transfer procedure has thus gained much popularity in western countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other European countries, owing to its many advantages.

Am I a candidate for Autologous Fat transfer (AFT) to Face?

If you have lost volume from your mid face & have sunken cheeks or want to remove static lines, prominent frown lines and nasolabial folds from your face, you are certainly a candidate for fat transfer to face. The procedure may also be used to enhance lips and correct acne scars. An ideal candidate for AFT is the one who is above 18, is physically and emotionally stable and has realistic expectations from the surgery.

Understanding Face Fat Transfer procedure

Facial fat transfer injections are usually performed under local anaesthesia with intravenous sedation. If coupled with other extensive procedures like liposuction of abdomen/ tummy tuck, it may also be done under general anesthesia. The procedure involves harvesting of fat from areas where it is unwanted such as thighs or abdomen. VASER liposuction is one of the techniques used for harvesting of fat cells. Upon harvesting, fat cells are filtered and then injected into the targeted areas of face.

The procedure is usually done on a day care basis. If you are getting facial fat transfer in India, you would need 5-6 days for recuperation before you fly back to your own country. If you combine Autologous fat transfer with body contouring procedures, you would need 10 – 12 days before you go back to your country.

Fat Transfer to Face Recovery Time:

You would be released from the hospital the day you underwent surgery. You would feel some tenderness in your face and soreness on the donor site. You would be advised by your doctor not to wear makeup and immobilize facial areas for a better effect.

The outcomes of the procedure are immediate and quite gratifying. You may feel your face swollen but the swelling would soon settle down to give you a fuller rejuvenated appearance.

Fat Transfer Benefits

·         Less pain
·         More natural –looking results
·         Less duration of stay at the hospital
·         Lesser downtime
·         Cost effective
·         No side effects

How much does fat transfer to face cost?

There are many destinations around the world that offer quality facial fat transfer procedures but the cost of Autologous Fat transfer is too high to afford in western countries. On the other hand, the cost of facial fat transfer to face in India is much cheaper and available at a fraction of cost. Fat transfer to face cost in UK or for that matter, any other European nation is much higher than in India.

Besides cost, the expertise of world renowned plastic surgeons and treatment at few of the best hospitals in India are some other reasons that have been attracting foreigners to avail plastic surgery in India.

If you have been looking for high quality yet affordable Autologous Fat transfer to face abroad, India could be your destination of choice. IndiCure is one of the most trusted medical travel partners that have been arranging seamless plastic surgery at world class hospitals in India. IndiCure has handpicked few of the best plastic surgeons in India that have been consistently delivering great plastic surgery results.

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