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Mommy Makeover in India-Incredible Makeover, Incredible Cost

Mommy Makeover – Plastic surgery after child birth

Motherhood is the most mesmerizing experience in a woman’s life but it also brings with it some unwanted changes in her body such as weight gain, stretching and loosening of muscles in various regions, stretch marks and excessive fat deposition on body areas such as tummy, buttocks, thighs and arms. In spite of working out for several hours in gym and following various diet regimes, there are several areas in the body where extra fat just doesn’t budge. That’s the time when plastic surgery plays an important role in helping a woman get back her pre pregnancy looks.

Mommy Makeover is a set of plastic surgery procedures comprehensively combined to bring back the desired cosmetic changes in a woman’s body. Some of the cosmetic procedures that are generally included in a mommy makeover are – Tummy Tuck, Liposuction of abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, arms etc., breast reduction/ lift / augmentation depending on the lady’s requirements, gynecological procedures such as vaginoplasty to tighten loosened vaginal muscles, labiaplasty etc.

Deciding your candidacy for a mommy makeover

Though there is no specific time period to undergo Mommy make over surgery, women who have completed their families & have attained a stable weight are ideal candidates for the procedure, irrespective of their age. However, even if you want to have another baby, but plan to have a considerable gap between the children, you can also opt for the procedure. The surgeons would customize your procedure in such a way that you get the best results.

The procedure is thus opted by women of all ages who want to have a pre-pregnancy figure, irrespective of whether they are in their 40’s or 50’s or recent mums.

Why consider undergoing Mommy makeover in India?

India has always been considered one of the most sought after destinations for providing excellent Plastic surgery in India services to the medical travelers across the globe. Since ages people have been traveling to India for medical and cosmetic treatments available at some of the best hospitals in India.

Mommy Makeover in India is now available with expert plastic surgeons in India who are highly skilled and have been trained at best medical schools across the world. The skills of the plastic surgeons in India are unmatched and the surgeons perform the procedure at one of the best cosmetic surgery hospital in India. These clinics are well equipped with the most modern equipments and technology. Besides these, the cost of mommy makeover in India is much cheaper than what you would pay for the surgery in the western countries. Moreover, after your cosmetic surgery, you can expect to recover at one of the scenic locations in India and that too at very reasonable prices.

IndiCure with its many years of experience of providing seamless cosmetic surgery packages now brings carefully chosen Mommy Makeover Specials for mothers who want to turn the clock back on them.

Considering the demands of women and the pattern of makeover needed, IndiCure has customized two mommy makeover special packages – Yummy 1 and Yummy2

Yummy 1 – Yummy 1 package comprises:

·         Breast reduction + lift
·         Tummy tuck
·         Liposuction abdomen and flanks
·         Liposuction thighs and buttocks

The cosmetic surgery procedures under this package are chosen for mothers who have developed fat deposits on breasts, tummy, abdomen, flanks, thighs and buttocks. The procedures together give a whole body lift and an incredible makeover.

Yummy 2 – Yummy 2 package comprises:

·         Breast lift + augmentation with FDA approved Silicone Implants
·         Tummy tuck
·         Liposuction abdomen and flanks
·         Liposuction thighs and buttocks

The package is exclusively made for women who are conscious about their breast size being too small or who have lost volume in their breasts after breast feeding. The breast implants used under this package for breast augmentation are high quality FDA approved implants. Mums who need a breast augmentation and need a body lift should go for this plastic surgery package.

The additional features with Yummy Mummy Packages being free health checks and 7 nights stay at 4 star hotel in India. The Cost of Mommy make over in India is thus very affordable & is a steal for women looking for good & affordable services.

IndiCure is the most trusted medical tourism company in India that has been assisting medical tourists avail quality cosmetic treatment at best plastic surgery centers in association with the most experienced board certified plastic surgeons in India.  IndiCure helps you make an informed decision about your cosmetic surgery procedures in India.