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Sex after Heart Attack and Heart Surgery

Heart attack still remains one of the most dreaded words in our lives.

Though medical science has revolutionized the way heart attacks are managed with the evolution of Robotic Heart Surgery and Minimally Heart surgeries, the word still sends shivers down the spine when a loved one suffers a heart attack.

Cardiac rehabilitation, changes in eating habits, losing weight, keeping a healthy lifestyle are all on the table after you have suffered a heart attack.

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Each and Every one would advise you to go easy on life and avoid stress in personal and professional life.

One topic that is essentially missed, however, during discussions is sexual activity after the heart attack.

Be it men or women of any age, sex is an important aspect of your life. And with more and more young men and women falling prey to the heart diseases, the topic has become a real cause for concern.  

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It is very common to have apprehensions about your heart’s response to all the “excitement” during sex or in medical words, work under stress after a heart attack.

However, experts from the American Heart Association have a very different take on it. 

You can resume Sex sooner than you may think

American Heart Association (AHA) has released a statement on sexual activity and cardiovascular disease about when it is safe to resume sexual activity after a heart attack- which is probably sooner than you assume.

Before we give you the final answer what doctors at American Heart Association say, it would be good to note an important fact about Heart attack and its connection with sex.

Fact: Not more than 1% heart attacks have known to occur while the person is involved in sexual activity.

The increase in the heartbeat and blood pressure is same in both men and women during sexual activity, which gets elevated to the peak during the climax and rapidly returns to normal within a few seconds.

Cardiologists advise that your heart is under the same stress during sex as climbing two flights of stairs for young and middle-aged people. However, in elders, this is a little more.

It is important to note that the patients known to have died of heart attack during sexual activity range from 0.6 to 1.7 percent; of which vast majority were men, of which most were having extramarital sex, with a much younger partner in unfamiliar settings, which would have caused a great deal of stress/ anxiety and thus heart failure. 

Each one Unique One

Every person has unique situations after a heart attack. Your doctor/ cardiologist will look into the following factors before giving you go ahead for indulging in the sexual activity: 

  • Your stress test results: 

You would be advised to undergo a stress test to check the functioning of your heart during increased physical activity. If you ass the stress test, that is your heart shows no signs of distress during increased physical activity, your doctor would advise you to resume the sexual activity. 

  • Whether Angioplasty was done:

If you underwent angioplasty or stenting after the attack, sexual activity can be resumed within a few days. This is to heal the area where the puncture was made, which is usually the groin or arm.

Since angioplasty immediately restores normal blood flow to the heart and is minimally invasive, not much of delay is needed after the procedure. 

  • Whether or not you have had an open heart surgery:

If you have had open heart bypass operation, your doctor would normally advise you not to have sexual activity for about 6-8 weeks after the operation. This is for the chest sternum to heal properly.  

However, with robotic heart surgery or minimally invasive heart surgery, time for healing is considerably lesser. You should avoid positions that put too much of strain on your chest.

However, there definitely are conditions where your cardiologist would say no to sexual activity: 
  • Arrhythmias- arrhythmias are uncontrolled heart rhythm. In this case, it may be dangerous for you to indulge in activities that put stress on your heart.
  • If you have symptoms of heart failure 

Be Ware and Aware

The answer to sex after heart attack lies in awareness and avoiding activities that are dangerous to your heart and life.

Avoid unfamiliar places and unknown partners which cause anxiety and put an extra burden on your heart.

Avoid heavy meals and alcohol. Take good rest before the activity. Avoid positions which do not allow you to breathe easily. Be willing to work out more and increase your stamina for a better experience!!!

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