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Surgery with Best Surgeons in World=Medical Tourism to India

Best surgeons in the world Last decade has witnessed India grow into the world’s most popular destination for medical tourism, thanks to a vast pool of talented medical professionals, considered to be among the best surgeons in the world .  India has many renowned medical institutions where these finest physicians and surgeons are trained. Time and again Indian surgeons have proved to be highly competent and professional as compared to their international counterparts. It is the reason to get treated by the best surgeons in the world that is keeping medical tourism in India on the rise; be it top neurosurgeons in the world or best plastic surgeons or cardiac surgeons in the world- India has them all. Medical tourism to India It is interesting to know that India produces tens of thousands of doctors and surgeons who are serving in countries even other than India. There is a huge demand of Indian doctors and surgeons all over the world because of their reputation and ski

Cost of Mommy Makeover surgery in India Attracting Mommies

Mommy Makeover surgery in India There is no denying the fact that plastic surgery is no more a luxury these days & people from all walks of life are availing plastic surgery to enhance their looks. Be it a young mother or a woman in late forties or fifties, everybody wants to look presentable & put their best foot forward. However, the costs of plastic surgery procedures is still quite high & do not fit the pockets of a large number of people, be it your favourite tummy tuck to achieve your pre pregnancy tummy, or a breast reduction procedure to have youthful perky breasts that you had before breast feeding your baby. The costs are especially very high if you are living in one of the Western countries- US, UK, Australia, Canada or New Zealand.  And it would of course cost you a fortune if you plan to get all these surgeries done together! But this dream of having a great figure with flat abs & lean legs is no longer impossible, if you opt for a Mommy Makeover

Surgery with Best Plastic Surgeons in World? Choose India

Plastic surgery is an art. Unlike popular perception, it is not a recent outcome of the development of Western medical science. Historical evidence clearly verifies that the roots of plastic surgery could be seen in ancient India. The famous doctor Sushruta was considered highly skilled plastic surgeon. So when you think of plastic surgery, India cannot be overlooked. Welcome to the land of origin of plastic surgery ! Being the land of origin of plastic surgery is not the sole merit India has. After all, who would want to choose a nation to have their plastic surgery just because it originated here? We are not talking about museums, but hospitals; not highly renowned and dead master plastic surgeons but today’s surgeons, alive and functioning. Changing world. Changing trends. High cost of plastic surgery has compelled many in developed nations to search for availing similar medical services in other nations. Isn’t it noteworthy how soon globalization reverses its trend

Knee replacement - What makes India the Favored Destination

Total knee replacement Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which damaged, worn or diseased knee joint is replaced with artificial parts. The operation is also commonly called as total knee arthroplasty. It is a common operation and most of the people do not observe any complication. Every year hundreds and thousands of knee replacement surgery operations are performed successfully in the country, relieving pain, improving mobility and quality of life. Total knee replacement is an option when no other treatments such as physiotherapy, steroid injections could bring relief to pain and improve mobility. Patients should consider total knee replacement, when they observe any of the below symptoms: a) They have severe pain, swelling and stiffness in the knee joint, severely affecting the mobility. b)    Extreme knee pain that interferes with your quality of life and sleep. c)    Hinder with your day to day task such as shopping, bathing walking or driving etc.