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Cosmetic surgery holidays in India & a visit to the Taj – the architectural epitome of love

Cosmetic surgery holidays  

Did you just read cosmetic surgeries + holidays together? How can something as serious and delicate like cosmetic surgery and the fun-filled ideas of holidays go together? They can perfectly complement each other, provided you are considering getting your cosmetic surgery in India. Let us explain..

Cosmetic surgeries have ceased being the scary affairs they used to be. Thanks to the wonderful developments in medical science, cosmetic surgery in India has made tremendous leaps in its efficacy. On the other hand, prices of cosmetic surgery services continue to rise, making it more and more un-affordable in the west. But aspirations for better self-image and beauty are common to all, rich or poor. As we are living in this golden era of globalization, medical tourism and especially plastic surgery tourism comes to the aid for people worldwide looking for affordable cosmetic surgery procedures.

Cosmetic surgery in India + Holidays

Disparities in the exchange rates of currencies between different nations redefine one’s notions of ‘expensive’ and ‘cheap’. Tourists visiting foreign nations experience how ‘expensive’ in terms of native currency would be the cheapest deal they could possibly get in terms of their own currency. It is the same mechanism in work here. Cosmetic surgery in India is not cheap because the doctors are not qualified enough or the hospitals lack sufficient infrastructure. In fact, India routinely charts top in the list of favorite medical destinations for patients around the world because of its advanced safety, superior medical care at its state of art hospitals and availability of the best surgeons in the world.

All is well till now..

Cosmetic surgery in India is cheaper and safer. But holidays? Aren’t they too much to ask for? Not really, many of our satisfied clients have not just visited the best cosmetic surgeons and hospitals in India, but also explored few of the most noteworthy tourism destinations in India before they flew back to their countries. 

After all, what is India tour without a visit to the Taj, the architectural epitome of love?

Plastic surgery tourism + Taj Agra
Taj Mahal, one of the widely renowned masterpieces in architecture, is a true jewel of art. There is not known any better example for the grandeur of expression of love than this marble-built tomb Emperor Shah Jahan built in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. IndiCure offers packages for cosmetic surgery in India, wherein they can enjoy double benefits of Indian plastic surgery, medical care at less costs plus a memorable tour to Taj with a single trip to India. 

Isn’t it risky?

There is no need for worry as having two things to do in your trip to India does not dilute the significance of the primary objective of your travel – cosmetic surgery in India. IndiCure is committed to make your cosmetic surgery tourism in India experience as pleasant as possible and that not just includes the pre-surgery procedures and the actual cosmetic surgery but also the healing period. IndiCure plans your itinerary such that your healing period does not overlap with your tour and cause any source of worry for you. 

Because when you handle your case to IndiCure, we not just strive to be the best but guarantee you the best and only the best.

How long will it now take you to contact us for planning your cosmetic surgery holidays in India?