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Knee Replacement Surgery in India- Important Things to Know

Medical tourism to India- What Makes India Top Destination

Medical tourism to India
What would you do if you lived in a world where there is huge waiting time to have even the simplest procedure done? Or in a country where you have hospitals and healthcare facilities but no trained and skilled doctors to run them? Or in a country where you have the best of healthcare facilities and top notch surgeons, the cost of medical treatment is so high and there is no way you can afford them? How frustrated would you feel?
There are ways to deal with the situations. One way to deal with is this to settle for less – settle for the least priced mode of treatment available in your nation or wait for years in writhing pain before you get your chance to get the medical treatment or get the treatment done by untrained hands and risk your health and lives. And in cases where treatment is not ‘necessary’, as in plastic surgery and weight loss surgery, learn to live with them. We will tell you another way to deal with such scenarios – the India & IndiCure way!…

Liver Transplant in India- Laws and Regulations

Liver Transplant in India
Organ transplantation is a major breakthrough in the history of medical science whereby one can donate a healthy organ (from donor’s site) to replace a diseased or failing organ (on recipient site). It is indeed overwhelming to give someone a second chance to live by organ donation. Through this blog we will know about the laws and rules that govern liver transplant in India.

What is Liver Transplantation and who may require it?
Liver transplantation or liver transplant is a surgical method of removing a diseased liver and replacing it with a healthy liver from a donor. The donor may be living or deceased. In adults, cirrhosis is the main reason for a failing liver for which liver transplant is required. It can be caused by different types of diseases that cause destruction of healthy liver cells and replace them with scar tissue. 
Some of the causes of failing liver can be - over intake of alcohol, long term infection with hepatitis C or hepatitis B virus, buildi…

Come to the best joint replacement surgeons of the world in India

Best Joint replacement surgeonsWhile the whole world seems to be concerned about fat and good looks, very few talk about the health issues concerning bones and joints. Most of us have heard no further of joints than what was taught to us in high school biology classes. God forbid, but it is when diseases like arthritis deplete the well-being of our joints that the significance of joints come to the fore. 
Bones are living tissues that give structure and form to our human bodies. They are maintained and protected by an intricate natural system through which blood helps them stay healthy, grow and repair themselves. The intersection of two bones forms a joint. If, due to diseases or damage caused by injuries in joints, blood flow to the bone tissues gets restricted, you might suffer a considerable decline in the quality of life. Joint replacement surgery can gift you back the freedom and joys of being able to move without restrictions, without pain, without precaution.
Joint replacement s…