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Why is India one of the best places for tummy tuck abroad?

Medical tourism cosmetic surgery What picture comes to your mind for the place where you would like to spend your tummy tuck holidays ? Or what would be the best place for you in the world where you would like to spend your cosmetic holidays for your dream makeover? Would that be a place equipped with the most modern treatment technology or you would like to spend your plastic surgery holidays in the lap of mother nature or a blend of both? Needless to say, in this era, there are a lot of places in the world that can offer you both. However, if you are on a budget, does that seem a distant dream spending your tummy tuck holidays in an exotic place at an affordable cost? Medical tourism for cosmetic surgery in God's own land! Now that can actually be a feasible if you would like to know more about the country India which is not only reckoned among the best places but the most affordable places in the world for cosmetic surgery procedures.  Few important

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Advantages

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Artificial disc replacement , a non spinal fusion surgery, is a procedure of replacing a painful disc that has been a reason of chronic back pain with an artificial disc that is structurally similar to the damaged disc. Since artificial discs share similar functions as those of natural discs i.e act as shock absorbers in the neck or back, ADR surgery provides pain relief without compromising the spine’s natural anatomical structure.   Advantages of Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery over Spinal Fusion surgery Artificial disc replacement surgery aims at reducing chronic back pain with improving mobility in the spine. ADR surgery is a new procedure and is an alternative to spinal fusion surgery . The major disadvantage of spinal fusion surgery is that it stops movement at the fused joint due to which there is accelerated movement in other joints thereby increasing the chances of degeneration of discs at the adjacent levels of th