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Heart health and Arthritis.

A rainbow's worth of fruits and vegetables is great for your heart health. Heart Healthy Food It isn't easy to care for your family, dedicate completely to your work and other fulfill other obligations along with managing the everyday joint pains that you suffer. The stress takes a toll on your joint making them sore and ache. However, along with everyday tasks, it is also crucial to care for your heart. Small changes in your everyday habit can lead to better healthy living. Why is heart health important? Research has proven that people who suffer from, inflammation throughout their body caused by arthritis, are at a greater risk of falling for cardiovascular problems like heart diseases or heart attack and fatalities by heart-related causes. Study has also found that heart risks are linked to rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Patients with RA who also have high blood pressure (hypertension)—a precursor to heart disease—were less likely to be diagnosed with cardiovasc

Affordable Gastric Sleeve Surgery in India

Gastric Sleeve done to Perfection in Indian Hospitals Medical tourism has been benefiting patients especially those in advanced countries like the USA and the UK, where cost of surgical procedures is so high that they cannot afford it, even with an insurance cover. People with morbid obesity, who do not respond to traditional methods of weight loss are advised bariatric surgery. This surgery is highly recommended if they also have other conditions such as cardiovascular issues and diabetes, which are quite common in these cases. B ariatric surgery , a process in which surgeons use laparoscopic techniques to conduct gastric bypass process or to remove a part of the stomach also known as gastric sleeve , varies from around $ 20000 to $ 25000 in the USA. The same laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery in India costs around $ 6000 or even less. You get the same standard of care, quality and skilled surgeons in India as in the USA or UK but for a fraction of the cost that you woul

7 Useful Tips for a Pain Free Back

Backache Backache is one of the most common problems worldwide and almost everyone experiences it at some point of life.  It is one of the major causes of disability affecting performance at work and general well-being.  Inappropriate working environment, bad postural habits, lack of physical activity and exercise, mental as well as physical stress are making people prone to develop back pain at a very early age. It is thus of utmost importance to take preventive measures as soon as possible to avoid back pain and also further complications of back pain like slipped or herniated disc, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, stenosis and many more, if you are already suffering from it. Fortunately, there are various means to fight back pain and get away from it effectively and easily. Here are some things that should be followed to avoid backache. 1.        Improve your sleeping habits You can get your back injured or strained due to poor sleeping habits. Although your back m

Get your “Wow Mom!” moment with Mommy Makeover in India

Incredible mommy makeover surgery to look amazing even after being mothers Most of the women today, have an uncanny obsession with celebrities. It is awe-inspiring to watch these celeb women glamor and shine on-screen and off-screen. From being gorgeous singles to a beautiful mothers, they embrace each role fashionably and look amazing even post-pregnancy. They set fashion trends even as a mommy with their newborns. Their transformations are inspiring and motivational to many women around the globe. Amazing Mommy Makeover in India with IndiCure. When a woman delivers a baby, she undergoes several bodily and emotional changes that alters her entire outlook to life. It takes several months for the body to return to its pre-pregnancy state. During pregnancy there are several hormonal and physical changes in order to nourish and bring the child to term. Once the baby is delivered, the body tries to return to its normal state, however this is a rather slow process and you neve