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Tummy Tuck in India - An Ideal Option to improve your midline

Abdominoplasty in India for a flat and fit stomach! In a world that is fast-paced and ever so changing, junk food diet has become quite a norm. It sure does seem appetizing, but the side effects are equally hazardous to health. In fact, one of the rising problems plaguing the world after diabetes, is obesity. To overcome this problem of being obese and suffering from co-morbidities, people have started to hit the gym and take control of their diet. Despite everything, if the realisation has been late, working out and popping pills cannot help beat fat that has piled up over the years especially over the abdomen area. This in turn makes people lookout for alternate options to remove fat, tighten the skin and get a fit body. And with developments in science and technology, more and more  people are opting for affordable surgery in India  to get flatter stomach. This includes liposuction, tummy tuck or even weight loss surgery as they see it as a quick aid to get back in shape.

Heart Attack- 12 warning signs never to ignore

Heart attack and symptoms Are you aware that you may experience a heart attack without chest pains? Did you know that symptoms of heart failures or heart attack differ from person to person? Understanding early warning signs and symptoms of the heart attack today will help you endure tomorrow. Being the leading cause of mortality in the world, knowing the early signs of heart attack is crucial for prompt detection and timely intervention to survive. What is a heart attack? Heart attack medically referred as myocardial infarction takes place when there is an obstruction in the blood flow to the heart muscles. This can be due to multiple factors - age, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, alcoholism, obesity, unhealthy dietary habits, physical inactivity and mental stress all these factors contribute to the risk of heart attacks. Chest pain and discomfort are the most common indicators of heart attack, however, few may not experience it while some may have mild pain or

Cosmetic Dentistry - Smile Makeover in India

Affordable Smile Makeover in India The art of cosmetically enhancing your smile through variety of dental procedures is termed as cosmetic dentistry. If you are among those who yearn to have the perfect smile and cannot afford it in your country, India is the best place for you to be. Dental surgery or cosmetic dentistry in India is not just affordable but you also get treated by the best dental surgeons trained in best medical schools across the world. Get the perfect smile with affordable Smile Makeover in India Smile makeover in India is very popular among residents of US, UK, Australia and New Zealand as they can have the perfect smile without drilling a hole in their bank balance. The low cost of veneers in India is one reason you can afford to have an affordable smile makeover . Veneers are ceramic shells which are cemented on the front side of the tooth to give them a neat cosmetic appearance. They are wafer thin and are carefully designed to match the patient'

Recovery Tips for Hip Replacement Surgery

Though Total Hip Replacement is a complex surgery , it significantly enhances your quality of life. Hip replacement surgery rewards you with freedom of mobility that was compromised due to your arthritic hip . Your journey to the road of recovery after THR shall be successful with your active participation in the healing process. Besides rest, pain management, exercises and physical therapy that you need, here are some important tips to care about after a hip replacement surgery for you to have a quick and smooth recovery: Stay Active- Undergoing THR does not imply that you have to be an idler. It is the time to regain your endurance by staying as much active as possible. You can enhance it by walking and performing mobility exercises guided by your doctors and physical therapist. User friendly home- make your home user friendly and free of obstacles that may come in your way and modify the furnishings as per your necessities. Healthy Diet- balanced and healthy diet

TURP Surgery in India- answer to enlarged prostate problem

TURP surgery in India can give a lot of relief from the pain and problems that are associated with the increase in the size of the Prostate gland. This medical condition is also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. It happens in almost 40% of the male population once they cross the age of 50 and requires a relatively simple surgery to cure it. The preferred surgery in the medical world for curing enlarged prostate is Transurethral Resectioning of the Prostate Gland. High quality medical equipment in super specialty hospitals is used for performing TURP under the supervision of top uro surgeons. The symptoms on the BPH must be aptly recognized before taking the decision to opt for TURP. They are frequent tendency to urinate, slow urination rate, strain in the urinary tract and urgent need to urinate. The bladder is often not emptied completely which leads to a feeling of uneasiness in genitor-urinal area. If BPH is left unmediated and untreated, it can lead to Hematuri

Cyberknife Radiosurgery-Effective Treatment For Trigeminal Neuralgia

Defining trigeminal neuralgia: Trigeminal neuralgia is the neuropathic disease originating from trigeminal nerve which is characterised by sharp, stabbing or burning sensation across the jaw and cheeks. The trigeminal neuralgia pains are severe and recurrent often elicited by light touch and are termed as radiating electric shock like pains usually experienced in cheeks or jaw and only on one side of the face. Approximately 5 in every 100,000 person is believed to be suffering from facial pain due to trigeminal neuralgia. Though this excruciating pain lasts only for brief periods, the episodes of pain are recurrent and often improve much despite of drug therapy and medications. Having high probability of the side effects following drug treatments, the only option to get rid of the agonising pain is surgical intervention. T he surgery often proves fruitful but not every patient is fit for anaesthesia and even some patients do not wish to undertake such invasive open surg