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Recovery Tips for Hip Replacement Surgery

Though Total Hip Replacement is a complex surgery, it significantly enhances your quality of life. Hip replacement surgery rewards you with freedom of mobility that was compromised due to your arthritic hip. Your journey to the road of recovery after THR shall be successful with your active participation in the healing process. Besides rest, pain management, exercises and physical therapy that you need, here are some important tips to care about after a hip replacement surgery for you to have a quick and smooth recovery:

  • Stay Active- Undergoing THR does not imply that you have to be an idler. It is the time to regain your endurance by staying as much active as possible. You can enhance it by walking and performing mobility exercises guided by your doctors and physical therapist.
  • User friendly home- make your home user friendly and free of obstacles that may come in your way and modify the furnishings as per your necessities.
  • Healthy Diet- balanced and healthy diet is important to maintain as your weight can affect your recovery. Excess weight adds pressure on the hips that may hamper the healing process and slower down the recovery.
  • Hip precautions- follow the proper precautions advised by your doctor regarding the hip mobility during your post-operative phase. Some of these precautions includes;  
    • Avoid crossing and twisting your legs
    • Avoid bending from your waist more than 90 degrees
    • While lying, lie on your back and keep a pillow between your legs to prevent touching of knees.
    • Use walker, crutches or cane for transfers and ambulation until doctor advised
    • Sit on high chairs which is higher than knee height. Use raised toilet seats and avoid low beds.
    • Don’t drive until advisable
    • Avoid turning back on your operated leg