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Organ transplant medication could protect against Alzheimer’s

New medicine that restricts Organ Transplant Rejection can protect against Alzheimer’s Incidences of the neuro-degenerative disorders less in organ transplant patients. Anti-rejection medication prescribed to organ transplant patients could have the potential to guard them from Alzheimer’s disease, says a new research study. This new finding has observed low incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in those patients who were administered calcineurin inhibitor-based drugs to prevent organ rejection. A recently publishes study on Alzheimer’s disease documented the medical records of 2,600 individuals who underwent organ transplant surgery . It was noted that in comparison to the general population these patients showed lower incidences of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  The study detailed that only eight out the selected number of patients showed signs of dementia. When this data is compared to the national data on the prevalence of Alzheimer's, it was concluded that the

Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgery in India Done With Care

Best orthopedic surgeons in India to ease the pain Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, 77 was wholeheartedly looking forward to meeting his grandson Anuj, 9, this weekend, making plans for an outing to the beaches around Miami, Florida, USA. Last Sunday when his son and daughter-in-law with Anuj, finally arrived at his place, Sandeep was the happiest person. Happiness though was short-lived, as Sandeep bent to cuddle his grandson, a shooting pain around the hip and knees, brought the bulky senior citizen to the ground. Pain engulfed the happy moments and the family dialled 911! Later that night, the orthopaedic doctor confirmed a dreaded issue, mostly faced by men and women in their old age- knee-joint issues, which needed urgent care and a surgery if possible, was told to the Agarwal family. Sandeep’s son’s insurance wasn’t enough to cover the costs, and that’s when the surgeon advised the family to consider an affordable yet very high-quality healthcare plan for the aged patient. A

Giving Mind the Ears: Fixing Deafness with Cochlear Implant

Get cochlear implant surgery in India at low cost "Can you hear me? Am I audible? " These are the first few words that are most often spoken to communicate with people with hearing loss after successful cochlear implantation. Although not life threatening, hearing loss has tremendous impact on the quality of life of the person, especially infants. It always impedes the normal growth of the child.  Over last two decades, research and advances in the medical technology has opened the doors for such children and has been given a new leash of life to the patients with severe hearing loss. Cochlear implant in India has made it possible for individuals with hearing loss to lead better, life cost effectively, without compromising on quality and outcomes. Cochlear implant surgery in India Cochlear implant is a small electronic device that is surgically implanted to substitute the role of impaired inner ear or cochlea and facilitates the person with severe to profound

Hip replacement surgery: the growing popularity of surgery overseas

Hip replacement surgery abroad to rid of constant pain As health care costs in the United States rise, an increasing number of Americans are going overseas for elective procedures, or are at least considering the possibility. The growing numbers of American medical tourists tend to be people who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not adequately cover the procedure they need. Hip replacement surgery in India has seen a steep rise in the recent years with a larger overseas population belonging to the age group of 45 – 60 years  opting for joint replacement surgery overseas . There are several advantages that hip replacement surgery brings to a person’s life. Some of the primary advantages are elimination of pain, extension of range of physical motions and improvement of quality of life and these activities help in the gradual return to normal everyday activities. The process of surgery actually replaces a defunct hip joint with normal artificial prosthetic implants and t