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Increasing number of Nigerians seek Plastic Surgery in India

A Growing Trend among Nigerians - Mixing Holiday with a Visit to American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in India Plastic Surgery in India for Nigerians Nigeria is a coastal country situated in West Africa and is famous for so many things including its very unique Health Care System that has been getting reorganized rather effectively since the introduction of the Bamako Initiative way back in 1987. Accessibility and effectiveness of the Healthcare System in Nigeria is rather comprehensive but one thing is for sure – people from Nigeria are increasingly looking at interesting options when it comes to plastic surgery. One such option is Cosmetic surgery in India which gives Nigerians an opportunity to enjoy a spectacular holiday destination and undergo top class plastic surgery as well. Why Plastic Surgery in India? Medical tourism is a growing phenomenon that enables people from all over the world to travel to destinations such as India that make it possible to enj

Mommy Makeover Surgery in India: Make the Best of Your Vacation

The joy of motherhood can be somewhat dampened by the post pregnancy look. You may be a proud mom who thinks of your world as your kids, but the woman in you deserves to look and feel good. It is not just a matter of how you look to others; it is a matter of how you feel about yourself. Somewhere beneath that happy mother is a woman who yearns for the body of yester years. Often exercise and diet is advocated as the healthiest way to get back in shape. But women, who have tried and failed to get rid of the unwanted flab, know it doesn’t always work. Affordable Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Get a Mommy Makeover this Christmas as a gift to yourself A lot of women are disappointed with the result, or rather the lack of result, that a proper diet and hitting the gym should produce. Mommy makeover surgery is one way of getting that elusive shape again. Unfortunately, the cost of such procedures at home is daunting, to say the least. This is when one needs to explore other o