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Conserving the joint - Hip resurfacing overseas

Hip resurfacing is a type of hip replacement surgery in which the bone is conserved by avoiding removal of a large portion of the thigh bone i.e. femur. It does not completely replace the “ball” of the hip; instead, the bone is restructured and covered with a metal prosthesis. The hip socket is then fitted with a metal cup. 
Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India

Some advantages of hip resurfacing are the reduced risk of hip dislocation, more normal walking pattern and easier revision surgery if needed. 

Who is an ideal candidate for hip resurfacing?

Young and active adults who are under 60 and in need of hip replacement are considered to be suitable candidates for hip resurfacing. For patients over 60 and in need of a hip replacement, the bone quality must be reviewed before recommending hip resurfacing. This is because if women with poor bone quality undergo resurfacing, there is a high risk of bone fracture at the top portion of the thigh bone. Furthermore, this surgery can be a good option for patients with retained hardware that is difficult to remove for a standard stem placement. All-in-all, hip resurfacing is the treatment of choice for patients who have an active lifestyle, are not morbidly obese, are not allergic to metal implants or have not acquired any infection. It is also indicated for patients with osteoarthritis, post-traumatic, inflammatory arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, dislocations of the hipbone and avascular necrosis of the femoral head. 

How much does hip resurfacing cost?

Hip resurfacing has become a fairly common procedure in the United Kingdom and Australia. It is an inpatient procedure with about 2-3 days stay at the hospital for recovery and observation. The cost of hip resurfacing surgery can be different in different countries. In India, the cost is $5,000. In the USA, the average cost is $12,000 while in the United Kingdom the average is approximately £11,000. The individual cost also depends on whether or not the patient has personal insurance. 

Is travelling overseas an option for hip resurfacing surgery?

While considering hip resurfacing overseas, it is imperative to verify the reputation and experience of the surgeon to make sure that the surgery does not end up in any complication or problem. Also, make sure you get adequate post-operative follow-ups. 

From the above information, it is clear that the most affordable country to undergo the surgery is India. Our experts will help you with the appointment and get assistance with planning the itinerary for your entire trip from start till you are safely back home. World class hospitals with expert surgeons and skilled paramedical personnel make India a great choice for travelling for medical treatment for hip resurfacing surgery. 

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