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Top 10 Myths and Facts about Bariatric Surgery

With number of people suffering from Obesity reaching an alarming level, WHO has declared Obesity as an Epidemic. C onditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension and mostly the risk of dying; Bariatric surgery seems to be a blessing for those who desperately try to lose weight and have failed miserably . Myth 1 – Bariatric Surgery is a Cosmetic surgery to remove fat from the body Cosmetic surgery removes localized fat deposits while Bariatric surgery  results in massive weight loss Fact- It’s a common notion that fat is removed from the body during weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery works on the principle of restriction and malabsorption; i.e., limiting the amount of food that the body can take and nutrients that are absorbed by the body. Cosmetic surgery works on a particular area of the body to remove fat. There is no weight loss during fat removal i.e with Liposuction.  Bariatric surgery infact is a life saving surgery .  As the size of the body size incre