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Top 10 Cosmetic Surgeons in India

If are looking for plastic surgery in India , you  definitely  would like to have the answer to this question. We do not simply want to give a list of names of 10 cosmetic surgeons here, because the answer is not as straight forward as the question is! It is natural that anyone working for any surgeon or company would like to promote or write his/her surgeon to be the best or top cosmetic surgeon in India.So, listing the names of 10 plastic surgeons or saying these are the 10 top plastic surgeons in India would be of little help to you. How do you then decide which surgeon to chose? How to rate 10 best plastic surgeons? The important question that comes here is - how do you rate top surgeons? Almost all surgeons have a great body of work to show and would definitely have some not so great results. What is the criteria to decide the ranking of the Surgeon? So, how do you rate top 10 surgeons in the country?  Is it the number of surgeries performed by the sur