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Obesity surgery and Knee replacement in India- My Story

“You are a high-risk patient”, announced my general physician and as if to answer my quizzed look he continued, “189 cms and 315 pounds, your closest friend right now suffers from CAD, or cardio-vascular disease, so high-risk for Angina/ Heart attack or even stroke, and that should explain the chronic pain and clicking in your knee, you have worn-out cushion between the bones”, he explained calmly. My knee pain was the only tangible result of my weight, my dangerously sedentary life style and of course the irregular and uncontrolled eating; it was the covert ticking time bomb that the doctor warned me about. What seemed like a routine examination for my chronic knee pain and clicking, turned out to be a wake-up call for me. At a mere 47 years of age, the realization that my life was hanging on by just a thin passage of an unblocked vessel in my body, flipped things around.   As I discussed, my health, I learned it was more complicated than I expected. Diet control alon

This Christmas gift your lady a Mommy Makeover package in India

Pregnancy is the best phase in every woman’s life. It gives beautiful moments to the woman that she cherishes all through her life. Carrying a baby and then giving birth to a new life makes her complete and content. But as every coin has two facets, so does pregnancy ! Although it is very satisfying in terms of womanhood; but it also takes away the young and beautiful contour of the woman. As every woman wants to stay young forever, the after pregnancy weight gain and hanging of abdominal muscles and breasts gone south are the most difficult part of the pregnancy. But medical science has advanced to a new level that allows the woman to regain her young and beautiful contour after delivering a baby. It is no longer a challenge for the woman to fit into her pre-pregnancy dresses and simultaneously enjoy motherhood. Get Your Pre-pregnancy Curves Back with Mommy Makeover Mommy makeover is the answer to all the worries of recently delivered and older mothers. As the name itse