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This Christmas gift your lady a Mommy Makeover package in India

Pregnancy is the best phase in every woman’s life. It gives beautiful moments to the woman that she cherishes all through her life. Carrying a baby and then giving birth to a new life makes her complete and content.
But as every coin has two facets, so does pregnancy ! Although it is very satisfying in terms of womanhood; but it also takes away the young and beautiful contour of the woman. As every woman wants to stay young forever, the after pregnancy weight gain and hanging of abdominal muscles and breasts gone south are the most difficult part of the pregnancy.
But medical science has advanced to a new level that allows the woman to regain her young and beautiful contour after delivering a baby. It is no longer a challenge for the woman to fit into her pre-pregnancy dresses and simultaneously enjoy motherhood.

affordable mommy makeover
Get Your Pre-pregnancy Curves Back with Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is the answer to all the worries of recently delivered and older mothers. As the name itself says, mommy makeover is a way to transform the way a mommy looks. It is a comprehensive set of procedures done to help a woman get her pre-baby body back. Although the main emphasis of mommy makeover is on the breasts and abdomen;  it may also include other procedures like liposuction of arms, back and thighs or facial rejuvenation, dental treatment etc. depending upon the wishes of the woman.

What does Mommy Makoever Include?

A typical Mommy makeover includes the following:
  • Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty: It is a procedure that removes and tightens the loose, excess skin and fat from the abdomen. In most of the cases, the stretch marks that come within the target area are also removed.
  • Breast procedures: such as an breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction are performed according to the size and shape of the breasts.
  • Liposuction of the legs, arms or trunk: The suction of fat from the areas with excessive fat is termed as liposuction. It can improve the contour of chest, thighs, neck, upper arms, knees and hips.

Who can benefit from the Mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover is an ideal solution for all the mothers who have following issues with their body shape:
  • Negatively affected size and shape of breasts like:
    • sagging breasts
    • uneven breasts
    • excessively large breasts
    • decreased breast volume
    • drooping nipples
    • stretched areolas
  • Sagging and loose tummy
  • Thick and undefined waistline
  • Stretch marks
  • Areas of fat hanging over the surgical scar after C-section
  • Pockets of fat on waist, abdomen, arms, hips or thighs that do not improve with diet and exercise
  • Early signs of aging on face and around the eyes

Advantages of mommy makeover

  • Restores a more youthful bust and gives flat tummy
  • Refreshes and renews the body affected by childbirth
  • Better fit in clothes and swimwear
  • Gives a more youthful-looking body appearance
  • Reinstates the confidence and self-esteem of the woman
what is mommy makeover
Gift your lady "Mommy Makeover" this Christmas..a gift she would love and would not hurt your pocket!

Mommy makeover is the perfect Christmas gift for your lady

Mommy makeover is the best gift for your wife that shows your care and concern about her beauty. And what better occasion than Christmas. Just imagine the happiness and surprise on her face when you will give her the package that will take her back to the golden days of her life. 
An icing on the cake would be the location for her transformation. India is an ideal location for mommy makeover that will make all her dreams come true while being easy on your pocket.
If you still have doubt about choosing India, just roll your eyes over the following points and make the right decision:    
  • World-class, experienced, skilled & well qualified surgeons who can easily perform every procedure that will improve your wife’s body contour
  • Availability of latest and best in class technology enabled equipment that makes the journey a lot more comfortable and easier
  • Extremely safe and effective services with proven results
  • Main emphasis on comfort and care of the patient
  • No waiting and immediate availability of the treatment
  • Exceptional pre and post treatment care in which you will be completely educated about the requirements of the procedure and how you can maintain the benefits for longer duration
  • Most affordable treatment that is much less than the total cost of mommy makeover in western countries without any compromise on the quality
  • Relaxing vacation in the exotic natural beauty of India  
In addition to all these advantages, the main advantage will be a surprise to all your friends and family. They all will be astonished to see your wife transformed into a beautiful and young lady just after a brief vacation in India. Just come to India for a vacation and we shall be happy to take off your effects of pregnancy and aging.  

Mommy makeover in India is safe and affordable!

Why choose IndiCure as your medical tourism companion?

Mommy makeover is a cosmetic and elective procedure that can be worth taking if it is safe, discreet, affordable and when you are traveling from overseas, you are assured of comfort, reliability and proper planning. IndiCure assures you all this and much more…
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We work to provide the most affordable and best cosmetic surgery in India to our clients from the top cosmetic surgeons of the country. Our surgeons are board certified who are associated with the top-of-the-line hospitals that have unmatched infrastructure in terms of excellent healthcare amenities.
We provide complete solution to medical tourists in planning their medical sojourn, educating them about the surgery, helping them choose the best plastic surgeon in India, arranging their consult over skype/ phone, obtaining visa, arranging appointments and stay, facilitating transportation for medical care etc. Our commitment begins right from the time you choose us for your medical sojourn to India and continues even after you go back and need us anytime.
Allow us to assist you in your wife’s journey to her transformation from a mummy to Yummy Mummy this Christmas!
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