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How Do I Know If I Need Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip Replacement The hip is the largest ball and socket joint in our body that facilitates a variety of movements and functions in the body. The ball and socket surfaces are coated with articular cartilage that functions as a lubricant.  Conditions like arthritis can cause the cartilage to break down and result in the contact of the two bone surfaces that lead to excruciating pain. Treatment for hip arthritis is initially done through anti-inflammatory drugs, injections, physical therapy, etc.  Despite its high success ratio hip replacement surgery   (more than 90%)  is often the last resort, when non-surgical methods fail to alleviate symptoms. Nearly 300,000 people in the United States undergo hip replacement surgery each year.   When do I need a Hip replacement? There are four prominent symptoms that indicate the need for a hip replacement: Hip or groin pain : It is the sensation of pain localized between the hip and the knee that mig