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Why Australians Prefer India for Plastic Surgery Overseas?

Many countries offer great deals for people seeking cosmetic surgery abroad, but the most popular destinations are Asian countries; of which Thailand, India and Singapore top the charts. These countries offer complete package for cosmetic surgery including hospital stay and post surgery hotel stay, travel and tourism, recuperation and rejuvenation options.

Medical tourism to Asia is quite popular among patients from United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand etc. The main benefit to patients from these Western countries is that high end medical treatments are available in Asian countries at much lower rates. The most popular procedures amongst medical tourists are cosmetic procedures like face lift, eye lift, brow lift, thigh lift, lip implants, tummy tuck, hair transplant, weight loss surgery- gastric sleeve surgery, nose job- rhinoplasty.

Why India is fast becoming popular Medical Tourism Destination

1.    Cost Savings- The costof plastic surgery in India is much less as compared to most other medical tourism destinations. Take for example, the plastic surgery cost for a facelift in Thailand is around $4,000-$5,500, whereas in India it is $2900 and in Australia the same would cost around $15,000.  

A tummy tuck in Australia costs around $12,000-14,000, whereas in Thailand it costs between $5,000 and $6,500; while in India the average price is $3000. Similarly, it is seen in various other procedures that India offers high quality medical care and expertise at much lower rates.

2.     Reputation of Indian Surgeons- Indian surgeons are renowned the world over for their skills and expertise. It is worth noting that one in every ten doctors in US is an Indian. Though Indians make only 1% of US population, more than 12% of doctors are Indians. There is thus a high probability that you would get operated by an Indian doctor even if you get your surgery done in these countries. So, for more and more patients, it makes sense to get operated by an Indian doctor in India where it costs much less.  

3.     Medical Facilities in India- Medical facilities in India are at par with those in the U.S. Most private hospitals in India are well equipped with sophisticated instruments and laboratories. Medical tourism hospitals in India are JCI accredited and offer specialized services and attention to medical tourists for their complete comfort.   

4.      No language barrier- Unlike most other medical tourism destinations where language can be a barrier in communication, there is no such problem with India. All doctors and healthcare professionals in India understand and speak fluent English. In fact, English is the second official language of the country.

5.     No Waiting time- Furthermore, patients have to wait for longer before they can be scheduled for a surgery in foreign countries which is not the case in Asian countries, especially in India where international patients are given priority treatment.

6.     Incredible India- There is no country in the world as rich in cultural and natural heritage as India. People from West are amazed to see how people from different religions, faiths, communities, languages and cultures all stay together in one country. Medical tourism to India means witnessing the most unique country in the whole world.

7.     Wellness Tourism-   People coming to India usually combine their cosmetic surgery trip with a visit to a natural resort for rejuvenating their mind, heart and soul.  Yoga, Ayurveda are very unique to India, which no other country in the world offers.

Above mentioned are few of the reasons why many Australians, Amerians, British and Canadians and people from all over the world are preferring India over any other medical tourist destination.

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