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Spine Surgery- Are You Really A Candidate?

The Global Burden of Disease, the most extensive worldwide observational epidemiological study, has suggested that Low back pain is the leading cause of disability the world over. On an average, 31 million Americans experience back ache at any given time and spend approximately US $ 86 billion a year for the treatment of their backs, which is almost the same as much as they spend on Cancer treatment! The enormity of the condition is quite shocking, however, what is more surprising is that less than 5% of this population actually needs surgery! Low Back Ache and Spine Surgery : Low Back Ache or Lumbago varies from a sharp, shooting pain of acute onset to a pain that increases gradually and is dull in nature, below the waist region. The pain may also radiate or move down into the buttocks, back of the thighs, legs and groin region, with varied intensity. The other symptoms associated with back pain are stiff back, spasm in back muscles, limited range of motion in spine and diffic

Knee Replacement surgery in India- My Journey from Pain to Power

Knee Replacement Surgery in India- My Story “I had a complex problem of Knee for the last 14 years. You know when you suffer from a debilitating condition like this, it completely disrupts your day to day life, you become a slave of your condition. And for a single mother like me, it is all the more difficult. You have to manage your family, children, professional commitments, all when your knees do not allow you to walk without a pain killer! I can’t remember a single night when I had slept without taking a pain killer. Everyone in my office, my family knew about the difficulty I was facing and continuously encouraged me to look for a solution. Then I got to know about IndiCure and how they helped people looking for affordable and quality treatment abroad . My niece had come to India for her surgery and IndiCure had arranged everything for her. She was all praises for their work, the friendly and caring staff and most importantly the best doctors they choose, keeping yo