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How long do Knee Implants last?

Have you or your loved one been advised to undergo knee replacement? But are worried how long the replaced knees or the implants would last, especially if you are under 60. You are not alone in your concern. Most of the patients who need knee replacement are worried, or rather scared of the surgery and its outcomes. Most of them have this concern about the longevity of knee implants or this question on the top of their mind-  “ How long would the knee implants last”? Here’s a look at few statistics which are worth your attention: Knee implants or replacement of knee joint is the  most commonly  performed joint replacement surgeries.  More than  600,000 knee replacements are done each year in the United States  alone. More than  90 percent  of people who have knee replacement are  relieved of knee pain Most of these people are able to  perform daily activities and stay active  which they were unable to do before the surgery In many cases,  people are able

Best Place for Medical Treatment Abroad- India Proves it Yet Again

Rohaan- the child who underwent complex cardiac surgery in India When four-month-old Rohaan needed a complex cardiac surgery which couldn’t be done in Pakistan, his father couldn’t think of any other destination except India. After all, he wanted the best medical treatment at affordable cost . The constrained relations between India and Pakistan were not allowing him to get a visa to travel to India, but a tweet to Ms. Sushma Swaraj, the Honourable External Affairs Minister, Govt. of India and she made sure that the child and his parents get the much needed medical visa to come to India for his medical treatment at the earliest. The child was brought to a famous hospital in Noida, NCR Delhi, and underwent a five-hour long surgery before being treated with an arterial switch with VSD closure. The spokesperson of the hospital said the baby was suffering from D-transportation of great arteries with an abnormal origin of the main arteries and severe pulmonary hypertension and was

Breast Reduction surgery in Women: Most Successful Plastic Surgery

Breast reduction surgery in females is one of the frequently requested and most predictably successful plastic surgery procedures. The results of breast reduction are almost immediate, relieve the symptoms associated with heavy breasts and improve body image for most of the women; resulting in better self-esteem and confidence.  Breast reduction with lift not only results in reducing the size of heavy and very heavy breasts making them lighter, it also results in uplifting the breasts making them youthful, perky and aesthetically pleasing.  A lot of women, of all ages, suffer from problems associated with heavy breasts, which may include neck pain, shoulder pain, poor posture etc, besides suffering from low self-esteem and inability to wear the clothes of their choice. Non-surgical treatments, such as physical therapy, weight loss, medications, however, do not offer much relief to such women and Breast reduction surgery is usually the best option for them. Large Bre