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Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques


Breast reduction surgery, medically known as Reduction Mammaplasty, is one cosmetic procedure that not only provides great aesthetic value but also has considerable medical value. It is one of the very few cosmetic surgery procedures that are covered by insurance in lot many cases. 

Probably these are the reasons why Breast Reduction is considered to be the most successful plastic surgery and a lot of plastic surgeons feel that Breast reduction surgery patients are generally the happiest patients post operatively. 

Often considered as the procedure that provides quickest and most formidable body image changes, females as young as eighteen to as old as seventy undergo Breast reduction surgery. 

The procedure entails removal of excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and excision of extra skin, along with lifting and reduction of nipple areola complex, to give more proportionate and shapely breasts. B

Breast reduction surgery thus leads to uplifted, perky and much younger looking breasts, minus the excruciating and chronic neck, shoulder and back pain!

Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques

There are different types of breast reduction surgery techniques and your plastic surgeon would advise the most suitable technique required for you, depending on various factors including:

  •  Your present size and the size you wish to achieve
  •  Your age
  •  Presence of any co-morbid factors
  •  Smoking history
  •  Whether you have completed your family or plan to breast feed in future

The major Breast reduction techniques followed across the world are:

Inverted- T or Anchor Breast reduction

The Inverted T or Anchor Breast reduction technique is one of the most commonly performed techniques and advised for women who have very heavy breasts, with moderate to severe sagging. 

The procedure involves three incisions – a circumareolar incision around the areola, one straight incision down the breast from areola to breast crease and third under the breast crease. The three incisions help the surgeon remove the largest amount of extra tissue and skin thus allowing maximum reduction of the breasts giving them a balanced and proportionate look. The size of NAC (Nipple Areola Complex) is also reduced if it is considerable in size and moved to a higher position.

Since the incisions are given in inconspicuous areas (one hidden under the breast crease and one around the areola), it is basically the vertical scar that is visible, which also fades away gradually and can easily be tucked under the basic bikini top.


Lollipop or Vertical Breast Reduction

Vertical breast reduction technique is relatively newer and preferred by a lot of surgeons these days owing to the fact that it involves lesser scars and gives long lasting results. The procedure is indicated for women looking for a moderate amount of reduction and lift.

The procedure involves a lollipop shaped incision, one going around the areola and other a vertical one from the center of the nipple to the breast crease. A considerable amount of tissue, fat, and skin is removed and the skin pulled over itself after moving the nipple areola to its desired position. The end result- smaller and firmer breasts, alleviating the patient from back and neck pain.

Since the surgery involves lesser scars, that too which can be easily concealed under the brassiere, the procedure is becoming very popular and procedure of choice of a lot of women.


Scar-less Breast Reduction

Scar less breast reduction is a relatively milder and minimally invasive procedure and women looking for slight to modest amount of reduction and lift are the ideal candidates for the surgery.

The procedure involves reduction of fatty tissue from the breasts using liposuction. The incisions thus given are few millimeters only and literally undetectable, given in completely inconspicuous areas like arm pit, breast crease or areola, leaving absolutely no visible scars. 

The other advantages of the technique are minimal trauma to the breast tissue, lesser downtime and minimal to no risk of complications.

Since the procedure reduces the breast size to a small extent, not all women looking for breast reduction are candidates for the surgery and patients have to be selected very carefully. It is important that the patient is relatively young and has good skin elasticity, has realistic expectations from the surgery and her priorities are clear.

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Breast reduction surgeries have some amount of downtime which varies depending on the extent of surgery done, your body’s innate capacity to tolerate pain and the rate at which it heals. You can expect to have some degree of soreness and swelling after the surgery which would gradually subside.

Stay at the hospital is generally 2 days post-operatively during which you would be administered pain medication, antibiotics etc. If you have had a massive breast reduction, you may have drains coming out of your breasts to drain out the excess fluid, which would be removed after 2-3 days. 

You would be under medical supervision and would get complete nursing care and support for getting in and out of bed. Your chest area would be initially bandaged and you would be advised to wear a surgical bra for 6-8 weeks after the surgery, which provides complete support to the newly resected breasts.

You would be advised to move about the same day of surgery, which is important for your recovery. 

Showering is generally advised 2-3 days after the surgery and normal day to day activities can be resumed around a week after the surgery. However strenuous activities like carrying heavy weights and upper body exercises need to wait for 4-8 weeks, though you can start walking and other mild forms of exercise.

What to expect after Breast Reduction Surgery?

After the initial recovery phase is over, you can expect your honeymoon period to start with your breasts! The procedure would greatly alleviate the physical and psychological distress you have been facing for years. Though it takes at least 2-3 months for the final results to show, you can expect relief from back and neck ache in as less as 3-5 days after your surgery.

The long term effects of the procedure are smaller, firmer, perkier and more youthful looking breasts, with significantly improved body image, boosted confidence and increased self-esteem. You can choose the dresses and tops of your choice, which would fit much better without attracting unwanted stares. You can engage in physical activities and sports that you have been wanting to do for years.
The results of the procedure are long lasting as long as you do not gain too much weight or do not become pregnant again, which can undo the results of the surgery.

Breast Reduction in India

Indian surgeons are revered the world over for their surgical skills and expertise and are well trained and adept in all techniques of breast reduction surgery. Your breast reduction surgery in India would be done at a state of the art hospital which specializes in cosmetic surgery procedures. 

You can expect complete support and adequate nursing care during your hospital stay which would be 2-3 days, depending on how extensive your surgery is. Your case managers would be there even after your discharge from the hospital and would be like your family away from family during your entire stay in India.

Your plastic surgeon would ask for the pictures of your target areas and some medical details to advise the most suitable technique for your breast reduction surgery. Although you may be sitting so far away from India, you can have a direct face to face video consultation with the surgeon to discuss all your questions and concerns freely with him/ her. This is a no obligation free of cost consult, which helps you make a more informed decision and also takes care of any anxieties that you may have before the surgery.

Breast Reduction Cost in India

Yes, though it is all about the shape and proportion, the surgery should not dig a deep hole in your pocket. Breast reduction cost in India is very affordable and only a fraction of what you can expect to pay in any Western country. The cost of Breast reduction in India starts from as low as US $ 2650 and varies depending on the extent of surgery required, surgeon and the hospital facility you choose to get you procedure done.

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