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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Tummy Tuck

Want Tummy Tuck but Can't Afford it?

Tummy TuckA flat and well-toned belly is everyone’s dream. Some people are lucky enough to make their dream come true with strict diet and exercises.
But others feel wretched for the fatty tummy that refuses to budge even after following diet, exercise and other weight loss measures.
Some people may lose those extra kilos but get loose and saggy skin around their abdomen which looks even worse.  

However, plastic surgery offers a great solution for both these problems. Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is a one-step procedure that not only gives a flat abdomen by removing excessive fat but also tightens the weak or separated muscles of the abdomen to give your abdomen a smooth and firm appearance.
Unaffordable Tummy Tuck?
If you are staying in a Western country, the cost of the tummy tuck may not be affordable or you would have to break your savings to get the surgery done.
Plastic surgery abroad comes out to be a good solution in such scenarios. Plastic surgery in countries like India is not o…

5 Most Important Things to Know About Mommy Makeover

We are all obsessed with celebrities and their lives to a different extent. Women especially have a fetish for celebrity figures and keep a close watch on it especially after celebrities become celebrity moms.
Their baby bump, maternity wear and how fast they get back into shape is always under the lens of paparazzi, which most of us love to read, talk and share about.
Many women are illusioned that celebrity moms return to their pre-baby shape in no time after the baby is out. 
However, it is important to know that any change in the body takes time to appear. In fact, doctors recommend and agree that sudden weight changes are not healthy and thus not good for your body. 
One must give the body sufficient time to lose or gain weight so as not to affect the normal functioning of the body.
Physiological Changes During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, the body produces hormones and undergoes several changes to allow for the birth and growth of the baby. The breasts engorge to help provide milk, th…