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Plastic Surgery in India - What makes India THE Best Destination?

Plastic Surgery in India Have you been waiting to undergo your dream makeover because you do not afford the cost of plastic surgery in your country? Or do you think cosmetic surgery is a luxury only the very rich can afford? Well, not anymore!   Medical Tourism If you have been following the recent trends, you might have come across the term ‘ Medical Tourism ’.  Medical Tourism is the phenomenon where people travel to other countries for their treatment, which is either not available in their home country or it is too expensive to afford locally. And when people specifically travel for plastic surgery abroad, it is called ‘ Plastic Surgery Tourism ’. Many Plastic Surgery Tourists combine their treatment with a visit to an exotic location before or after the surgery Not that “tourism” is always associated with the medical treatment, but since many people choose to combine their surgery with a visit to a tourist destination before or after the surgery, the term

Sex after Heart Attack and Heart Surgery

Heart attack still remains one of the most dreaded words in our lives. Though medical science has revolutionized the way heart attacks are managed with the evolution of  Robotic Heart Surgery  and  Minimally Heart surgeries , the word still sends shivers down the spine when a loved one suffers a heart attack. Cardiac rehabilitation, changes in eating habits, losing weight, keeping a healthy lifestyle are all on the table after you have suffered a heart attack. Also Read- Warning Signs of Heart Attack Each and Every one would advise you to go easy on life and avoid stress in personal and professional life. One topic that is essentially missed, however, during discussions is sexual activity after the heart attack. Be it men or women of any age, sex is an important aspect of your life. And with more and more young men and women falling prey to the heart diseases, the topic has become a real cause for concern.   Also Read- How to Keep Your Heart Healthy  It is very common t

Best Time to Have Tummy Tuck

Do I have to lose weight to get a tummy tuck?  What is the ideal weight for tummy tuck surgery?  Can I combine my C-section with tummy tuck?  What is the best time to have tummy tuck? If you also have these questions in mind, read to know the answers to your questions.  Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty, popularly known as tummy tuck, is the most popular surgery among women after pregnancy and childbirth.   Tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen to give a flat, taut stomach. It dramatically reduces the appearance of a bulging tummy to give women a nice curvy shape.   When is the Right Time to have the Tummy Tuck? The results and longevity of tummy tuck results depend to a great extent on the timing of the procedure.   Here are a few important things to keep in mind if you plan to get the tummy tuck done: You should be close to your ideal weight  - You get best result from tummy tuck when you are close to your ideal weight. If you are overweigh