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Spinal Stenosis - Treatment, Surgery and Cost of Spine Surgery in India

Spinal Stenosis  Almost everyone experiences low back pain at some point in life. Majority of them do not require any intervention and the pain simply relieves on its own. However, for a few, the pain is persistent and becomes worse with time. The most common cause for back pain, as you get older, is  spinal stenosis  or narrowing of one or more areas of the spine, which most often results from narrowing of the spinal canal over time.  By the time people reach 50, most people’s spine show at least some signs of age-related wear and tear of the disks and of facet joints, which can grow to be enlarged and arthritic.  Read More About Spinal Stenosis These changes can exert pressure on the spinal cord and nerves leading to pain, numbness or weakness in arms or legs or other problems adversely affecting the quality of your life. Spinal Stenosis Your neck and lower back are the most common parts to be affected by spinal stenosis; in the neck, it is called

Best and Cheapest Destination for Plastic Surgery Abroad(2018)

Best Place for Plastic Surgery Abroad The value of travelling abroad for plastic surgery is definitely compelling and that is why the number of people seeking plastic surgery abroad is rapidly growing. Let’s look at various factors that drive people to undergo plastic surgery abroad: Cost:  The most compelling and important factor is savings. Compared to the cost of plastic surgery in the West, countries in South America, Asia and South East Asia offer much affordable surgery. Same goes for cosmetic dentistry, and that is why many prefer to combine plastic surgery with their dental treatment abroad . Privacy - Privacy is the second most important factor for which travelling to faraway destinations has caught up with men and women. While it is nearly impossible to keep the surgery discreet at home, you are far away from the prying eyes and can recuperate in peace and privacy when undergoing surgery abroad.  Travel attraction-  C ombining plastic surgery with a visit

Liposuction in India with Best Plastic Surgeons

Liposuction in India with Best Plastic Surgeons Tired of Stubborn fat deposits on your arms, thighs, tummy and other areas which have not budged irrespective of the number of hours you have sent at the gym or days and weeks you have spent dieting?  Want to wear a sexy dress for your marriage anniversary but you know you won’t fit in?  If you can relate to above, you need something called Liposuction .  Liposuction also  known  as Lipoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that reshapes and re-contours specific areas of the body by removing excess fat from those areas.  The other names for liposuction are – Lipoplasty, liposculpture or suction lipectomy.  The usual areas for liposuction are thighs, hips, inner knees, calves, waist (popularly known as stomach liposuction) back, arms, chest, chin and cheeks. Good candidates for liposuction are those above 18, not grossly overweight, physically and mentally healthy with realistic expectations