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Low Cost of Bariatric Surgery in India? Is It the Only Reason?

Bariatric Surgery in India-Does Only Low cost Drive Medical Tourists?

“Yes, I chose to get my son’s bariatric surgery in India.. And I am happy that I did it! The risk was much less than waiting for years before I could afford to get the surgery done in Australia”

Rebecca from Australia has no qualms in admitting that she couldn’t afford the weight loss surgery back home in Sydney and she chose to travel to India for her son’s surgery, Pita, all of 13 years, suffering from Obesity.

Being Obese herself till a few years ago before she underwent a Gastric Sleeve, she very well knew what it takes, and how it feels to be labeled as “Obese”. She had to wait for many years to afford the surgery locally, which she surely didn’t want for her son.

Now that she has the option of medical tourism, why not?

Why make my son go through all that I went through?

Some people laughed at me, some even said that I was being selfish to be choosing money over my son’s life and putting his life through undue risk. Now that I and my son are back, safe; after a successful surgery, they are all quiet.

As a mother, I knew what I was doing. I had done a thorough research about the surgeon, the medical tourism agency and about everything else before I took the decision.

It was not ONLY about money, it was that I didn’t want to make my son suffer from Obesity through the years before I could afford the surgery in Australia. I knew there was a risk, but any and all surgeries have some amount of inherent risk involved, it was just about minimizing the risk by making the right decision and choosing the right surgeon!  

Yes, choosing bariatric surgery abroad and bariatric surgery in India had its own share of risks. I very well knew about them. But I traveled only after I made sure I was taking a calculated risk.

And I am so glad that I did it. Every thing was so smooth, the doctors were all so good, hospital so clean and everyone had been so helpful. What more could I had asked for?

Medical Tourism

When it comes to choosing surgery abroad, to countries like India, people from developed countries especially Westerners- from the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand raise their brows and have doubts about the quality of healthcare services and the medical practice.

They are used to certain standards of care and compromising that for money doesn’t appeal to most.

Besides, there are forums of doctors and surgeons in these countries, quite vocal on social media and all other places to raise awareness about the risks of medical tourism.

How Risky is Medical Tourism?

Is it all too risky to get the treatment abroad in today’s world? The world well equipped with all sophisticated gadgets to make communication and travel faster and easier than ever before!

Yes, it is a medical treatment and no mean job to be taken casually. It is a matter of your health and should be taken with utmost care.

Experts all over the world agree that any and every surgery carries some risk. And if you are choosing to get the surgery abroad, obviously to save the money or to give priority to your life or ambitions by not waiting, the best thing is to mitigate the risks by doing thorough research and planning your trip wisely.

Bariatric Surgery

Obesity has been labeled as a disease and rightly so. Obesity is known to cause various diseases, right from physical diseases like diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, coronary artery disease to mental diseases like depression and social anxiety.

Though there are many techniques for weight loss, people suffering from morbid Obesity are advised to undergo Bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery is considered as lifesaving surgery because not only it results in weight loss, studies show that most Obesity-related diseases are cured in more than 90% of the patients after bariatric surgery.  

Bariatric Surgery in India

Bariatric surgery in India is available at most affordable prices with best bariatric surgery hospitals in India with IndiCure.

Hundreds of patients have chosen to undergo their bariatric surgery in India with IndiCure, NOT ONLY JUST BECAUSE THE COST WAS LOW BECAUSE THEY WERE SURE OF THE QUALITY OF CARE AND SERVICES with IndiCure!