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Medical Tourism- What Is It All About?

Medical Tourism
If the term sounds familiar, but seems like a term you don’t know much about; read the article to go through various aspects of medical tourism, what are the risks and benefits of the phenomenon, why people opt for it, the top countries for medical tourism, and how can you mitigate the risks associated with medical travel. In short, what medical tourism is all about.

Medical Tourism is quite a commonly used word these days. You would have stumbled upon the word in some or the other newspaper or magazine; either print or digital. If not, definitely some story somewhere about how some developing countries are making it big in the field of medical tourism.

Or maybe a story where the local medical association or doctors are warning against traveling abroad for medical treatment or cosmetic surgery stating that medical tourism is all laden with risks. And that you should stay "safe" by getting operated by the local doctors and you should not risk your health and life…