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Mommy Makeover in India- A New Yorker's Experience

Mommy Makeover in India- My Journey

Ms. Ubah from New York shares her story of how motherhood changed her physical appearance. Her zest for getting back in shape after pregnancy and how she decided to undergo her Mommy Makeover in India. 

How It Started

My journey for Mommy Makeover in India started long back before I actually underwent the real surgery.  Trust me, it was not the physical part of the surgery that took time, it was the contemplation that took years!
Believe you me, undergoing an elective surgical procedure is not easy. And it becomes all the more difficult when you are a mother of three children! A mother with loads of responsibilities of household and kids, and of course, the heavy surgical bills related to the surgery to take care of.
My Dilemma 
I stay in New York, which is one of the most expensive cities in the world. And because mommy makeover is a cosmetic procedure,insurance does not cover it. 

I was looking for quite a few procedures; which included Liposuction of various body areas, Tummy tuck, and Breast reduction and lift.

One part of me would always tell me that I deserved a nice athletic body- the same that I had before having my children. But the other part would remind me of the huge cost and risks associated with the plastic surgery. 

So, I was just not sure about things and constantly at loggerheads with myself about what to do.

It all actually started after having my second baby. Besides the bliss of being a mother again, the baby gave me a huge amount of weight. My boobs sagged and had lumps of fat hanging here and there. I especially hated my tummy, which even 8 months after my delivery looked as if I was 6 months pregnant!

Started gymming rigorously to lose the excess weight, which did help also to some extent.  But the stubborn deposits of fat on the love handles, thighs and lower abdomen did not budge. In fact, the more I lost weight, the more apparent my stomach pooch became, which was extremely frustrating.

Before- After Mommy Makeover

Cost of Mommy Makeover in New York

I consulted several plastic surgeons in States.  But they were all of the opinion that it is not a good idea to undergo Mommy Makeover surgery until I have completed my family. Primarily, because another pregnancy would undo the results. 

The other major factor that deterred me from going ahead was, of course, the extremely high cost. Affording the surgery in the US was just not possible for many more years to come.
Plenty of Options Across the World
I had my third baby and was determined right from the beginning that I would undergo my makeover surgery as soon as my baby stops breastfeeding. Since I was quite sure about the surgery, I started exploring options.

And the options were indeed plenty. Several destinations across several countries which offered low-cost surgery.

Mexico was a great option since it was quite nearby and rather cost effective also. But I was really scared after coming across a few stories of botched up plastic surgeries in Mexico.

I did want low-price option but not at the cost of my health or life. My husband anyway was wary of me traveling outside the United States, so I wanted to be very sure of things.

Mommy Makeover in India

One of my friends suggested India and that seemed like a good idea. More so because a lot of senior doctors in the US were Indians only. Many Indian doctors had treated me since my childhood, and they were all very good. India thus seemed like a good and safe option. So, I decided the best option for me would be “Mommy makeover in India”! What is now popularly called medical tourism to India

I started searching on the internet and found several companies which offered plastic surgery in India. However, I was looking for someone who specialized in cosmetic surgery and especially Mommy Makeover.

How Much is Mommy Makeover in India?

“How much is Mommy makeover in India?” was an important question on my mind, so I sent inquiries to several companies. Out of all responses I got, IndiCure really stood out. I got a very prompt response from them and they answered all my questions in great depth. 
My Experience with IndiCure
What really impressed me was that they looked after fine nuances and were extremely thorough. It seemed they knew quite well what a cosmetic surgery patient requires when choosing plastic surgery abroad!

I had innumerable questions and being from the US and having met several surgeons, I had very specific requirements. I was looking only for an American Board-certified surgeon who operates at a good hospital facility well equipped to handle any sort of complications.

A dedicated case manager who would answer all my questions was assigned to me.  We went back and forth and I think we exchanged more than two hundred emails! Phew! But then I suppose this exchange of information really helped me make up my mind.

I was particularly happy since my case manager sent me links to previous clients’ videos.  My faith grew in them when she got me connected to several of their previous clients, and I myself spoke to them.  I had finally found the company and the surgeon I would go ahead with!

It took me almost 3-4 months to zero down on the dates. Finally, I and my husband were all set for our big trip for Mommy makeover in India! My surgery was scheduled to be done in Mumbai and I was all excited for my trip.

IndiCure secured the hospital and surgeon dates for me, booked the hotel and made all my travel arrangements. The best part was that they gave me an all-inclusive package, so I did not have to worry about anything at all.

And boy, was it economical!!The surgeons in the US quoted crazy costs, but Mommy makeover cost in Mumbai, India was much lesser. And the best thing is that I was not at all compromising on the quality of care and services.

IndiCure sent me a detailed itinerary. This gave me a clear outline of what to expect in India and how things would move after my arrival. 

My Arrival in India
The IndiCure representative met us at the airport and took us straight to the hotel where we rested for the night. The hotel was a luxurious 4-star property and very comfortable.
consultation with plastic surgeon
I had my consultation with the surgeon the next morning and he was exactly what I wanted.  I was satisfied with things till now and happy of my decision to undergo my plastic surgery in India. However, there was still a sense of fear at the back of mind.

But believe me, even the fear completely settled down after I met the surgeon. He was very thorough, answered all my questions patiently, and explained to me about the recovery process and what results I could expect. He made the markings on me and we were good to go.

I also had a detailed consultation with the anesthetist. He made me undergo a whole bunch of investigations just to make sure that I was fit for the anesthesia.

My surgeon showed me the results of the investigations and scheduled my surgery for the next morning.   I still remember how I was a bundle of nerves that night- a mix of anxiousness and excitement!

Surgery in India
My surgeries went through fine and I did extremely well. I surely had discomfort, but surprisingly I was not much in pain and it was well manageable with pain medication. 

My surgery was scheduled in 2 stages and I stayed at the hospital for 6 days in all.  I got round the clock nursing care which was actually a blessing. The nurse was extremely helpful since getting in and out of bed without assistance seemed next to impossible. The nurses and the entire support staff was very kind and sweet. They assisted me with all my needs and all in all I had a smooth recovery.

The hospital was quite clean. I was told that it was one of the best plastic surgery hospitals in India

I stayed for a total of 2 weeks in India during which I had regular follow-ups with the surgeon. I was very happy with my surgical results, in fact, they exceeded my expectations.  

If I have to sum up my entire journey of Mommy makeover in India in one word, I would stay "Incredible"! 

India is indeed an incredible country and the people here very warm and helpful. Besides I am extremely grateful to my surgeon who gave me a beautiful body and helped me love myself again. 

Thank you IndiCure!
IndiCure is one of the largest and most renowned medical tourism companies in the world. 

IndiCure has successfully treated thousands of patients from over 30 countries and understand your requirements well.

For information about planning your medical trip to India, write to us at or call at +91-932-003-6777 or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll-Free) or talk to us at Skype@ Indicure