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Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck at the Same Time?

Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck‘Can I have the breast reduction and tummy tuck at the same time?’ or “Is it safe to combine plastic surgery procedures  or "Is it safe to combine a tummy tuck with the breast reduction?” 

These are very common questions asked by women looking for body contouring plastic surgery.

It makes a lot of economic sense to combine the procedures. More so, if you are traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery.
Advantages of Combining ProceduresBesides economics of it, the advantages of combining the tummy tuck and breast reduction together are many.

You get complete body makeover in one sittingRecovery time is singleTime taken off from work is singleYou take anesthesia only onceYou get hospitalization only onceOne-time air ticket and one-time expenses are involved if you are choosing plastic surgery abroadThe Famous Plastic Surgeon's Opinion We asked this question to one of the prestigious cosmetic surgeons in India, Dr. Mukund Jagannathan. Dr. Jagannathan is a …

Body Lift Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Body Lift SurgeryAfter massive weight loss, following bariatric surgery or diet and exercising, the skin loses its elasticity and sags. This may result in self-consciousness in patients, general discomfort, vulnerability to skin infections and clothes not fitting properly.

The major skin sag usually happens in the abdominal region, upper arms, face, neck, breasts, thighs, and buttocks giving a misshapen body contour.

The most common changes that occur as a result of the loss of fat and tissue elasticity are:
Flattened breasts with nipples pointing downwardsSagging upper arms that appear looseThe extended abdominal area around the sides and lower backSagging groin, thighs and buttocks

Thankfully, plastic surgery has an effective solution to this problem- Body Lift Surgery.
Body LiftBody Lift is an excellent treatment option for people with massive weight loss. It helps in removing excess skin, tightening loose muscles and even removal of the fat left behind. Thus resulting in improved body …

Cochlear Implant Surgery- Frequently Asked Questions

Cochlear Implant Surgery  Also referred to as bionic ear, the cochlear implant is a device that produces a sense of sound electronically. The cochlear implant provides a sense of hearing in patients who are hard of hearing, particularly because of damaged sensory hair cells in the cochlea.

The cochlea is a part of the inner ear that comprises of tiny hair cells. When there is damage to the tiny hair cells in the cochlea, sound cannot reach the auditory nerve. This type of hearing loss is called the sensorineural hearing loss.

The cochlear implants bypass the damaged hair cells and directly stimulate the auditory nerve. The implants allow sufficient hearing and unaided understanding of speech.

No doubt that the quality of sound with cochlear implants is different. It also allows lesser information to be perceived and processed by the brain. Yet, cochlear implants help in hearing and understanding speech and sound to a good extent. This offers great improvement in the quality of life of the…

Plastic Surgery Overseas- 4 Things Medical Tourists Must Know

Plastic Surgery OverseasTraveling overseas is not a big deal anymore and so is undergoing plastic surgery abroad. If you are getting a good deal on your plastic surgery abroad, it makes much sense to hop on a flight and undergo surgery in your chosen destination.

But things are not so simple. 
Undergoing plastic surgery itself is a serious decision and undergoing surgery abroad needs to be dealt with really carefully.
There are a few things which you should keep in mind before you hop on your flight for surgery overseas.
We list you 4 most important things you must know before you choose plastic surgery abroad.
1. The credibility of Medical Tourism Company– Like every industry, there are good and bad apples here. Since it’s not just travel for recreation, make sure the medical tourism company you choose a trustworthy medical tourism company which keeps your health and best interests in mind.
The company should understand the nuances and requirements of medical tourists and should not shy …