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Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck at the Same Time?

Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck

‘Can I have the breast reduction and tummy tuck at the same time?’ or “Is it safe to combine plastic surgery procedures  or "Is it safe to combine a tummy tuck with the breast reduction?” 

These are very common questions asked by women looking for body contouring plastic surgery.

It makes a lot of economic sense to combine the procedures. More so, if you are traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery.

Advantages of Combining Procedures

Besides economics of it, the advantages of combining the tummy tuck and breast reduction together are many.

tummy tuck-breast-reduction-combined
Combining Procedures give you a complete body makeover          
  • You get complete body makeover in one sitting
  • Recovery time is single
  • Time taken off from work is single
  • You take anesthesia only once
  • You get hospitalization only once
  • One-time air ticket and one-time expenses are involved if you are choosing plastic surgery abroad

The Famous Plastic Surgeon's Opinion 

We asked this question to one of the prestigious cosmetic surgeons in India, Dr. Mukund Jagannathan. Dr. Jagannathan is a highly accomplished surgeon with more than 27 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery. He is Professor and Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery in one of the biggest medical schools in India. He has performed both combined surgery for tummy tuck and breast reduction and staged them in a number of patients.

We asked him how safe and effective is it to have a breast reduction and tummy tuck at the same time. And what are his criteria for deciding to combine or stage the procedures?

His opinion goes as follows:

Major procedures like Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck are staggered or combined depending on various factors. The most important of them include expected time taken for the surgery, the health condition of the patient,  his/her hemoglobin levels, anesthesia time and type of anesthesia and blood loss during the surgery.

Combining the two procedures definitely results in reducing the total surgical time, but not to a great extent.

It is noteworthy that breast and tummy are adjacent to one another. Therefore the surgeon and his assistants cannot do them simultaneously without coming in each other’s way. They have to almost finish one procedure before they can start the other. 


Also, both are major procedures and should be taken very seriously. There are certain critical points in each of these surgeries. Until they are tackled, the primary surgeon cannot leave one and start another part.
Another overwhelming consideration is total operative time per session. If it goes more than 6 to 7 hours, it is not definitely not good for the patient.

It is universally accepted that it is better to give anesthesia in two sittings spaced a few days apart. Simply put, it is preferable to have one 6 hours and one 3 hour procedure a few days apart rather than a single 8 and half hour procedure.

Safety is the first consideration in procedures like this. It is always safer to stage the case and do one or more of the procedures in order to ensure a safe outcome.

When we do stagger the two procedures, we always prefer to do the tummy first. And while she is in the ward recovering from it, then do the breast. This telescopes the recovery time into one.

However, if the patient does not have huge breasts and tummy; and it is possible to finish the surgery within 6- 7 hours on one sitting, it is definitely better to combine the two procedures in view of the advantages listed above.

We definitely consider this for patients coming from overseas. Especially because the cost of airfare and accommodation and various other things go up. 

We break down the procedures but do them in one visit. This makes sure that we DO NOT compromise on the safety of the patient and the results of the surgery.

Thus the bottom line is- if there is not too much work and it is possible to finish both the procedures within 6 to 7 hours, it is ok to combine it. However, If there is much work on tummy or breasts or both; it makes sense to split the procedures in the interest of the patient.

Staging the procedure prolongs recovery time and overall duration of stay a bit.  Also, the cost also goes up by some amount. But patient safety is always the prime consideration.

We do not compromise the safety of the patient for any number of advantages that combining the procedure offers.

Safest Plastic Surgery

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