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10 Simple Strategies To Keep Your Heart Healthy!

Healthy Heart- 10 Simple Strategies for a Healthy Heart A healthy heart paves way for a healthy life. If you wish to “ live ” your life till your last breath, make sure you take good care of your heart! A Healthy Heart means a Healthy Life Here are top 10 and simple strategies that can keep your heart healthy:       1. Quit Smoking   –  You are well aware that smoking can cause lung cancer and breathing problems. But did you know that smoking can also increase your chances to have a heart attack? People who smoke are at double to four times the risk of having a heart disease as compared to those who do not smoke. The chemicals in cigarette narrow the arteries. The nicotine present in the cigarette reduces the amount of oxygen that your heart gets. It raises your blood pressure and increases the heart rate. The good news is that when you quit smoking, you start getting rewards of stopping smoking right away. Your chances of getting heart disease

Tummy Tuck after C-Section

Tummy tuck after C-section Your most possessed scar- the scar after a C-section If you are planning to undergo a tummy tuck and have already had c-section(s), it is natural to have many questions in mind. Would the tummy tuck be done through the same incision? Or would there be another incision? Should I undergo a tummy tuck now even if I plan to have another baby 5 years from now? How long should I wait for the tummy tuck after a c-section? These are few of the common questions on most of the ladies’ mind before they opt for the tummy tuck. We sat with our expert cosmetic surgeon, an American Board Certified surgeon with over 26 years of experience and got the answers for you. More Information about Tummy tuck and Cost of Tummy tuck Here’s a quick read: How long should a lady wait for a tummy tuck after the c-section? Cesarean section is a major surgery and so is the tummy tuck. It is important that your body heals well after pregnancy and c-sect

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India at Best Cardiac Hospitals

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Many of us understand how important it is for us to keep our heart healthy but little do we know about the valves of the heart. Heart Valves Heart valves are the tiny components of heart and play a crucial role in the functioning of the heart. These valves open and close constantly to regulate the flow of blood in and out of the heart chambers.  The valves withstand around 80 million beats in a year which comes to around Five to Six billion beats in the life of an average person. The valves demonstrate an incredible strength every time they beat! There are 4 valves in our heart:  1. Mitral Valve 2. Aortic Valve 3. Tricuspid Valve 4. Pulmonary Valve Normal and healthy valves allow blood to flow smoothly and freely in one direction. They also close quickly and completely not allowing the blood to flow back. But what happens when heart valves don’t function properly? Let’s have a look at the consequences.   Common

Why is the Cost of Medical Treatment In India so less?

Cost of Medical Treatment “ The current price of everything that you see in health care is predominantly opportunistic pricing and the outcome of inefficiency ,”  are the words of one of the leading heart surgeons in India. This stands true not only for Indian healthcare but for healthcare across the world, especially for many Western countries. The cost of even life-saving procedures such as heart surgery in the West is beyond the reach of many people; if uninsured. It is true that when a treatment which is as serious as heart surgery, brain surgery or cancer treatment is involved, quality is the most important thing. And the Cost should take a back seat. On the contrary, these treatments are among the most expensive treatments. This is because they require sophisticated technology which comes at a high cost. And the treatment requires highly specialized doctors and surgeons, who obviously charge a premium.  There are two important points here. One, you should have

Brain Tumor Surgery at Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India

Brain Tumor Surgery in India The brain tumor is still a dreaded disease. If your loved one is detected with a brain tumor, it is very natural for you to feel anxious and worried.  You would also look for the best treatment available in your country.  Cross Sectional CT showing Brain Tumour It is also natural for you to become more concerned if an advanced facility is not available near you. And if you have to travel abroad for the treatment, things can become overwhelming.  Choosing a good doctor and a hospital, travel arrangements, visa, planning the trip can be a daunting task.  People from African countries choose to undergo treatment at best neurosurgery hospitals in India for brain tumor surgery.  This includes countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Sudan and other African countries.  Besides Africa, many patients from countries in the middle east like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and many from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other countries also come