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Brazilian Butt Lift- Enhance Your Rear with Your Own Body Fat

Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the natural ways to have a shapely rear is by transferring one’s own body fat to buttocks, popularly known as Brazilian Butt Lift.
It is the procedure which involves removing fat from other body areas such as abdomen, flanks or thighs by liposuction and transferring the harvested fat to the buttocks to give a shapely derriere.
Brazilian Butt Lift to Give a Shapely Rear

 Advantages of Fat Transfer 

The fact that you are putting your own body fat to better use is more appealing to many women rather than using an implant or a foreign body.
It also gives a natural feel and has no chances of rejection.
The cost is also much less as compared to using implants for butt enhancement.
Owing to many advantages that the procedure offers, the surgery has become extremely popular among women across the world, especially African countries.
The procedure has two-fold benefits. One, liposuction removes excess fat from other body areas and two, it adds more volume to the rear and thus helps a woman attain a shapely figure. The only flip side is that fat gets resorbed into the body to an extent.
How Fat Transfer Works on Your Shape

Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

If you have relatively more fat deposit on abdomen, thighs, hips and other parts of the body and need to have a more pronounced rear, you are a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift.
You should be above 18, in good physical health, understand the procedure, are mentally and emotionally stable and have realistic expectations from the surgery. 

The Procedure

Brazilian buttock augmentation entails two procedures – (a) liposuction and (b) Fat transfer to buttocks.


The areas for Liposuction are carefully chosen which are close to the buttocks viz, abdomen, flanks, thighs and back just above the buttocks.
This way the buttocks become more pronounced with an even small amount of fat transfer as adjacent areas become relatively leaner.
Liposuction can be done by many techniques- tumescent liposuction, ultrasonic, water jet, laser etc.
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Autologous Fat Transfer

The sterile fat collected is then processed and washed with a double antibiotic solution and then placed in the syringes. The syringes are connected to a cannula which transfers the fat into the buttocks.
Brazilian Butt Lift Before After

Brazilian Butt Lift in India

The cost of plastic surgery in India is not only affordable, you get operated by Board-certified surgeons, language is not a problem and the healthcare facilities are accredited.
Besides, there are many other advantages of undergoing plastic surgery in India and thus more and more women are opting to travel to India for their makeover surgery.
The cost of Brazilian Butt lift in India starts from USD 2700, which is a fraction of what you would pay for a similar surgery in a Western country.
The fact that you can undergo one of the most popular procedure  at such affordable cost without any compromise on the quality of care and services, lots and lots of women from across the world, especially from African countries (Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda) are choosing India for their Butt lift surgery.
It is best to seek help from a professional medical tourism company who would not only help you choose the best surgeon and hospital for your surgery, but would also help you plan your trip.
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