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How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Cost in India?

How much does Gastric Sleeve cost in India? Caught in Obesity Trap? And the cost of Bariatric surgery without insurance is beyond your reach? Well, you are on the right path if you have landed on this article by asking Mr. Google- “How much does Gastric Sleeve cost in India?” Right path because you are aware that India offers bariatric surgery at a much affordable cost. And we, as one of the most renowned providers of medical tourism in India will help you with the rest. Cost of Gastric Sleeve in India The small answer is that the cost of Gastric Sleeve in India starts from US $ 5000 and the cost varies. The cost varies with the surgeon, type and size of the hospital, category of room and the city where the hospital is located. The longer answer follows: The exact cost of gastric sleeve surgery is subject to variations based on the following: 1.     Surgeon - the surgeon's qualification, experience, and track record 2.     Hospital - w

Plastic Surgery India Review

Plastic Surgery India Review How would you feel when your wish is fulfilled after a wait of more than 16 years? Elated, right? That’s exactly how Hellen feels after her plastic surgery in India . She had been wanting to correct an issue with her body which had been bothering her for almost 17 years. Being a flight superintendent for an international airline in her country, she had the privilege of traveling to various countries. This had given her the opportunity of meeting several surgeons in various countries. Of course, she was happy with the consultation with a few, but the cost of surgery with those surgeons was way beyond her means. For the rest, with whom she could afford the surgery, either she was not sure of what results she would get or did not like the facility or post-op care was a problem or something or the other which did not give her the confidence to go ahead. Not the type of woman who would lose hope, she went on with consultations and stumbled

Arm Lift in India - Frequently Asked Questions

Arm Lift Surgery   Do you feel your upper arms are too saggy? Do you feel awkward waving a hello or goodbye? If you are among those who spend many hours a day in the gym trying to tone up your lose hanging arm muscles but have found all the effort to no avail, Brachioplasty or arm lift surgery is the right procedure for you. Loose and Saggy Arms are often a source of embarrassment   An arm lift, medically known as Brachioplasty is the surgery that: ·         Reduces excess hanging skin from under the upper arms ·         Removes the pockets of fat from the upper arm ·         Gives shape and contour to the arm  Before- After Arm Lift Here are some frequently asked questions about arm lift in India and arm lift in general. How much does an arm lift cost in India?   The cost of arm lift surgery in India  is much cheaper than the cost of Brachioplasty in the West. The cost of arm lift surgery in India starts from as less as $2600 and ranges u