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Plastic Surgery India Review

Plastic Surgery India Review

How would you feel when your wish is fulfilled after a wait of more than 16 years?

Elated, right?

That’s exactly how Hellen feels after her plastic surgery in India. She had been wanting to correct an issue with her body which had been bothering her for almost 17 years. Being a flight superintendent for an international airline in her country, she had the privilege of traveling to various countries.

This had given her the opportunity of meeting several surgeons in various countries. Of course, she was happy with the consultation with a few, but the cost of surgery with those surgeons was way beyond her means. For the rest, with whom she could afford the surgery, either she was not sure of what results she would get or did not like the facility or post-op care was a problem or something or the other which did not give her the confidence to go ahead.

Not the type of woman who would lose hope, she went on with consultations and stumbled upon IndiCure. After a series of emails gave her the confidence to take the chance of traveling all the way from Kenya to India only to meet the surgeon.

Her Experience with Plastic Surgeon in India

And that was when the jinx broke. She had finally met the plastic surgeon who not only gave her the confidence that she was in safe hands, but she could see that he was confident about his skills and the results. 

The cost of plastic surgery in India and the total package was cheery on the cake. After her face to face consultation, she did not think twice before signing for the procedure. Made the payment to block the surgeon’s dates and flew back home the same day.  And underwent the surgery after 2 months when she could have enough time off the work.

Watch the Plastic surgery India review by Hellen

Her review speaks volumes about what can you expect from Plastic surgery in India with IndiCure. IndiCure is the most renowned name for providing plastic surgery in India with few of the best plastic surgeons. IndiCure has a preferred association with the best hospitals for plastic surgery in India where you get the most affordable cost of plastic surgery in India.

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To plan your surgery in India with IndiCure, you can write to us at or call us at +91-932-003-6777 (India) or +1-877-270-2448 ( US Toll-Free) or talk to us at Skype@ Indicure