Plastic Surgery Abroad- How to Make it Safe?

How to Make Plastic Surgery Abroad Safe?

American Society of Plastic surgeons (ASPS) states that every year more than 750,000 Americans travel for plastic surgery abroad

The destination countries range from Mexico or Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic closer home; to far-flung Thailand and India. 

Where do Americans go for treatment abroad
Where do Americans travel for Treatment Abroad?

In more than 90% of the cases, the most important reason for medical tourism; irrespective of the destination remains the COST SAVING

The important thing to note here is that the number of happy and unhappy patients and success stories vary greatly in number. While many end up with good results and a great experience; others come back home with a botched up surgery or infections.

medical tourism safety
Plastic Surgery Abroad- I want to be safe!!

Why the Difference?

Why do you think few have great results and a terrific experience; while few others swear not to have any treatment or plastic surgery abroad ever?? Where did these people go wrong? 

They also chose to travel outside their home country or even to the same destination as their peers. But they are still unhappy and come back home with a regret. 

So, what's the difference? The difference lies in the results they got!   

Plastic Surgery Results

It is true that plastic surgery results depend on a lot of factors, which include besides many others; is your expectations from the surgery- whether you have realistic expectations or not! It is also true that any kind of surgery carries some sort of a risk and you just can’t avoid it.

But, at the same time, it is also true that you can save yourself from bad cosmetic surgery even while you save thousands of dollars from your cosmetic surgery abroad- By choosing to play safe! In other words, By Minimizing the Risks!

In simple words, by doing the due diligence before you choose to travel abroad for your cosmetic surgery and making sure you are in the safest possible hands!

Here are few of the Most Important Tips we have been giving our clients for Over 10 years from 40+ countries. 

And their Plastic Surgery Abroad Reviews are here to view.

Cheap is NOT ALWAYS a Better Option

cost of plastic surgery in India
Compare what value you are getting at what Price

American surgeons say that many people end up getting botched up surgeries or contract infection because ALL they look at is the cost of the surgery. Many women traveling to Mexico, Colombia and various other countries get injections to plump their breasts or buttocks in hotels which double up as clinics.

Please understand that it is highly unsafe to do so! Stay away from words like “Silicone nurse, silicone party” where non-qualified people inject some chemicals into your body and patients often end up in Emergency rooms. 

We totally understand and agree that the entire idea of medical tourism is to SAVE MONEY. But you MUST KNOW where to draw the line.

Cost of medical care to save your life or correcting botched up surgery can be a lot more than the original surgery itself!

Know your Plastic Surgeon Well

It is widely known that A good Plastic Surgery Begins with a Great Plastic Surgeon”

Do You Know him Well?

You would be well aware that Aesthetic surgery is both science and art. Since technology has little role to play in this field of medical science, unlike cancer or heart or brain surgery; the success of your surgery depends a great deal on how good your surgeon is and how well he understands your requirements!

Before you commit yourself for makeover abroad, ALWAYS get the following information about the surgeon who would operate on you-

1. Surgeon’s credentials- His qualification. Is he specialized to perform cosmetic surgery? Is he a Board certified or equivalent cosmetic surgeon?
2.     How many years of experience does the cosmetic surgeon hold?
3.     What associations or memberships does he hold?
4.     How many similar procedures has he performed?
5.     Check before after pictures of the patients he has operated upon
6.     Is he registered with the relevant national authorities? If yes, which all?
7.      Is he a member of any of international association of plastic surgeons? If yes, get the list.
8.     Which language can he speak? Does he speak your language?
9.     Does he have a case of malpractice against him?

Which Clinic/ Hospital would you be Operated at

plastic surgery hospital India
The Ambience and Services at the hospital can make or break your experience

It is important to know whether you would be operated in a hotel/ hospital/ clinic because that holds a lot of importance.

Always Check the Following:

1.     What is the infection rate at the clinic and what is the rate of unexpected returns to the theatre?
2.     Which language does the hospital staff speak?
3.     How long would you be under medical care after the surgery?
4.     Does the clinic have emergency treatment facilities such as a crash cart?
5.     Has the hospital been inspected recently?
6.     What is the ratio of staff to patients by day and by night?
7.     Has there ever been a complaint upheld against the hospital?
8.     What other medical staff will assist with the procedure?
9.     Who would assist the surgeon during surgery?
10.  How qualified is the anesthetist?

Get References

Reference Checks Feature
Knowing from the horse's mouth always helps!

Getting references of the past patients who have undergone similar surgeries with the same surgeon will give you an idea of what to expect.

Previous patients would give you a clear picture about the surgeon, hospital facilities and the overall experience and what to expect and what not to expect.

The Language Spoken by the Surgeon and the Hospital Staff

Please make sure that the surgeon you have chosen understands and speaks your language. Clear communication is a vital element in making your surgery a success. If you can’t communicate what you expect from the procedure; and the surgeon can’t explain in the terms you understand what should you expect, you would most likely end up in dissatisfaction.

It is also important to know if the nurses and other staff understand the language you speak. Since surgeon wouldn’t be always around, you can face a tough time if people do not understand your language and you do not understand theirs.

Ask for an interpreter if the language is different since communication would be vital while you are recovering at the hospital.

The medical tourism company you are traveling with

A reliable and professional medical tourism company would not only be honest and forthright in answering all your queries to your satisfaction but would help you make an informed decision. 

They would make sure that they have the answer to all the above questions and have done their due diligence before recommending any surgeon/ hospital to you. 

They would not hesitate in giving you references and would make your cosmetic surgery tourism a memorable experience.


Medical Tourism can be safe and definitely rewarding if you know how to minimize your risks. Do your homework well and make sure you are in safe hands, you would surely not regret undergoing plastic surgery overseas!

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