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Mommy Makeover in India

Mommy Makeover in India- A Smart Choice Your love for your little bundle of joy can't be explained in words However much you love your little bundle of joy, you can't deny the fact that pregnancy and delivery have taken a toll on your body.   Most women end up with stubborn fat deposits, stretch marks, loose abdominal muscles, and sagging breasts after their delivery.  In order to get back to the desired shape after pregnancy, a healthy routine of diet and exercise has to be followed. However, many a time, even rigorous diet and exercises fail to give back the shape the lady had enjoyed previously. Many women end up with stretch marks all over the abdomen What is Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery? When the diet and exercises fail, there are other options which can give back the pre-pregnancy shape and the looks you had enjoyed.  Mommy Makeover is the set of cosmetic surgery procedures that address the post-pregnancy body issues through surgery. The

Tummy tuck- 4 Most Common Myths and Facts

Tummy Tuck There are many myths associated with the tummy tuck, or for that matter, most of the plastic surgery procedures.  We at IndiCure regularly receive inquiries related to tummy tuck plastic surgery  and other procedures.  We have thus listed the most common queries of our patients here; so that when you choose the tummy tuck, you exactly know what you can expect from the procedure.  Every woman dreams of a flat abdomen, but there are many myths associated  Myth 1: Wanna lose weight? Try Tummy Tuck! How many times have you heard someone advocating tummy tuck for weight loss? We get so many requests from our patients asking for a tummy tuck to lose weight. But the fact is that tummy tuck should ideally be performed only when you are close to your ideal body weight. Even when you relax the limits, you should undergo tummy tuck when you are not more than 7-8 kg overweight and have fat deposits mainly in the abdominal area. If you are grossly overweight or

Gastric Bypass- Why in India?

Bariatric Surgery in India If you are staying in the West, this may seem like a completely bizarre idea to a few of you! Traveling all the way from US/ UK/ Canada to undergo Gastric Bypass in India!! But Why? And the question is quite valid. Why should you choose to undergo Bariatric surgery in India ? The short answer is Affordability and Value for money. And the long answer follows: Bariatric surgery is fast emerging as a vital addition to medical tourism to India . It has become one of the main reasons for people from the West to travel to India.  Bariatric surgery that you can easily afford! Treatment in India means Value for Money Cost of Gastric Bypass in India The cost of Gastric Bypass in India starts from around USD 6000 and varies with the surgeon, facility and the city in India where you choose to get the surgery done. Yes, you read it right. Gastric Bypass in India costs around US $ 6000 only. And mind you, low cost in no way means that ther