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Mommy Makeover in India

Mommy Makeover in India- A Smart Choice

mommy makeover
Your love for your little bundle of joy can't be explained in words

However much you love your little bundle of joy, you can't deny the fact that pregnancy and delivery have taken a toll on your body.  

Most women end up with stubborn fat deposits, stretch marks, loose abdominal muscles, and sagging breasts after their delivery. 

In order to get back to the desired shape after pregnancy, a healthy routine of diet and exercise has to be followed. However, many a time, even rigorous diet and exercises fail to give back the shape the lady had enjoyed previously.

Many women end up with stretch marks all over the abdomen

What is Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery?

When the diet and exercises fail, there are other options which can give back the pre-pregnancy shape and the looks you had enjoyed. 

Mommy Makeover is the set of cosmetic surgery procedures that address the post-pregnancy body issues through surgery. The surgery involves a variety of procedures to help you get back in shape. 

This can include tummy tuck, breast reshaping, which may include breast reduction or breast enhancement or breast lift; and fat removal with liposuction. Some women even also opt for face or neck lift, vaginal tightening, smile makeover or even Botox or other facial procedures at the same time. 

The procedure not only helps you in getting in shape, most women feel a renewed sense of confidence and better sexual experience. 

Risks of Mommy Makeover

However, like every surgery, mommy makeover comes with its own set of risks and rewards. We thus always advise that you must be careful and have complete information before you opt for a mommy makeover. 

The most important thing is to know your surgeon well. As they say, Good Plastic Surgery begins with a Great Plastic Surgeon! You must thus be very careful in choosing your surgeon.
A surgeon experienced in operating on multiple areas of the body and is well qualified should be your choice.  A good surgeon would not only minimize the risks associated with the surgery, give you sound advice, but combine procedures in such a way to give you the best results with minimal downtime and quick recovery.

Mommy Makeover Cost

While mommy makeover is in high demand in Western countries, there are many women who cannot afford it. The cost of plastic surgery in countries like UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand is very high, forcing women to either take a loan or keep waiting for years for their dream makeover.
A wonderful option for such mommies is to have mommy makeover surgery in India and make a smart choice. 

Not only the cost of plastic surgery in India is much affordable, but the surgeons are also well qualified, the hospitals and health care facilities are as good and there is no language barrier. A lot of women from these countries are thus opting to get mommy makeover surgery in India.

Mommy Makeover in India - From Mommies to be Yummies

mommy makeover in India

Mommy Makeover in India serves as a smart choice for mothers who wish to possess youthful bodies and healthy lifestyle after pregnancy. 

The overall enhancement in the looks and the spark that it brings along has inspired mothers to opt for the makeover. Their belief in mental and physical well-being is restored through this procedure.
There are a few important things you must keep in mind before you opt for mommy makeover plastic surgery in India:
  1. Check the surgeon’s credentials- his qualification, experience, success rate, how many similar surgeries has he performed and if or not he/she is board certified? His work and a direct telephonic/ video conference would be of great help.
  2. Get the all-inclusive price- what all does the cost include and exclude from the package given to you. It is important to help you plan things accordingly.
  3. Check the facility where the surgery would be performed. Know the MRSA rate, whether you would stay in a single or sharing room and what facilities are provided at the hospital.
  4. Speak to a few previous clients who underwent similar surgeries with the same doctor. This shall help you get some real information.
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